New Single from Hanson Asiedu
New Single from Hanson Asiedu

My Story

Growing up as a young teen in the 1990’s, my first experience of recording was on old cassette tape players. If you were really smart, you would have one tape player playing a track or instrumental in the background while pressing record on the second tape player and singing over it, and voila!

In 2009, I borrowed some money from the bank to record and put together two tracks with accompanying music videos. ‘Shopping Spree’ and ‘Make it Up’. Here they are below… the videos were actually recorded on the same day, and yes I got my eyebrows done!


I went on to join the police force for a couple of years and things went a little quiet on the music front for a while. 

I got married in October 2014.

After leaving the Metropolitan Police, I made my return to releasing music in 2015 with ‘Cover Me’. Older, wiser, and with a renewed sense of purpose. Hopefully you can see the progress from my previous two helpings.

The intention had been to record an album all these years, but somehow it just never got past one or two singles. Money always seemed a barrier, but I kept trying.

‘Your Love’, was my last official release. This was part of an album project. Unfortunately, the studio I entrusted to produce original and organic material ended up giving me music that was very heavily sampled. So heavily sampled in fact, that one of the submissions for an interlude was the theme tune from the television series ‘The Wire’. For legal reasons, I was unable to put the music out formally, therefore compiled a free EP called ‘The Outttakes’. You can have a listen to that EP here. No doubt this was a big blow, having spent some thousands on the project. ‘Your Love’ was one of the very few that were created originally and I was present thoughout the entire creative process.. I love this song!

In September 2015, my wife surprised me on my birthday by buying me a guitar.. not that I knew how to play. But the instrument very quickly grew on me. I call her ‘Alex’! (The guitar that is, not my wife lol).

In August 2016, our daughter Nala was born! She is now one!


About June 2017, I started busking around London :)

So as you can see, I have been on this path for some time!


My songs are written, and with your help I will record and release a single this year. Should we exceed our target, my stretch goal is to record a full ten-track album. This album is a compilation of 10 songs that are very close to my heart, and include careful storytelling, inspiring messages, and meaningful lyricism. The music ranges widely from folk, through to jazz, with an acoustic undertone, and covers a spectrum of emotions, both lively and reflective.

Which is the part where you come in:


I am trying to raise a total of £1,000. This may seem like a lot, however a quality single of this magnitude really requires an appropriate amount of funds. Here are the financial implications/costs for this project:

Recording: Studio Rental, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Studio Musicians, Hospitality for Musicians

Album Production: Photography, Artwork

Marketing: Publicity Management, Promotional Materials, Music Video

What Do I Get In Return?

I have created a myriad of items and experiences (listed below) as Project Reward incentives for those who pledge towards my upcoming single! The higher the pledge, the greater the reward that is unlocked!


£5 – digital single download

£15 – digital single download, including acoustic mix, PA mix and instrumental

£20 – social media shout out across all platforms plus all previous rewards

£50 – download entire back catalogue plus all previous rewards

£100 – Hand written lyric sheet plus all previous rewards

£300 – appear in the music video plus all previous rewards

£500 – Write an original song for you – to include 30 minute consultation, plus all previous rewards

£800 – Private acoustic 60 minute concert in your home plus all previous rewards

£1000 – official sponsor credit on the album plus all previous rewards

Thank you so much for your support and most of all your prayers. 

Hanson Asiedu

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