New Salem 2nd Edition
New Salem 2nd Edition

Well, the first launch of the campaign didn't quite fund, but it was close. The witches cursed our campaign and used their magic to stop the constable from entering New Salem. But don't worry Puritans, we're going to re-tool and re-launch! Add your email address above to be notified when it goes live on January 8th, 2019.


The rising tide of witchcraft is overtaking New Salem. In desperation, you have elected a Constable to restore hope to the town - a responsibility that the founders will share in order to prevent any witches from rising to power.

Keep reading to learn more about what the 2nd Edition of New Salem and the included Constable expansion adds to the experience.

New Strategic Options

The Constable role has been added to give some structure to the Event Initiation phase. Only the Constable may play Events, and when they do, they choose who becomes the next Constable from those who have not yet played the part. This leads to some very difficult decisions about who deserves that power.

We're adding two new building sets, one that adds Despair when you play individual cards, but removes a bunch if you can get the set -- and another that removes Despair with the individual buildings and then adds a pile of it if you complete the set. This means each building you play can benefit a Witch or a Puritan, depending on how many they collect, which adds to the tension during drafting.

New Art from Andrea

The original New Salem artist, Andrea Olgiati, is back to build on the world he helped create. We have updated the Event layouts to provide more real estate for his artwork, the Deluxe bundle has larger Character cards, and we are even offering an add-on to get an art print of one of the Characters.

Deeper Replayability

Not that replayability was that much of an issue with all the social interaction in New Salem, but the expansion will also add a TON of additional Events. Each game will have different Events in a different order to ensure each game is a unique experience. Puritans may become Witches, Buildings may get destroyed, and players' loyalties will be tested with opportunities to gain victory points in exchange for Despair. Both the power of Puritans and Witches will grow.

Thematic Component Upgrades

We have spent an incredibly long time crafting the Deluxe version of the game to enhance the thematic experience you will have when you play. Here are some of the upgrades you will see in the Deluxifier, which works great with any version of the game:

  • The centerpiece is the canvas event mat that helps you organize and teach the game while feeling just right for the theme.

  • You will track how much Despair is currently in the town with a metal coin-shaped tracker that slides nicely on the canvas mat.

  • The badges will be upgraded from chipboard to engraved wood, perfect for the 17th century timeline.

  • The Hope and Despair tokens will also be engraved wood and they will come in a canvas bag, adding to the wood and canvas aesthetic we are creating.

  • We are also adding larger, tarot-sized Character cards to help avoid accidentally flipping it face-up instead of a Building and also to show off more of Andrea's artwork.

From a Team You Can Trust

This is our 10th Kickstarter campaign and, although we've learned some lessons over the years, we've always delivered a great product at a price you can afford with transparent and consistent communication. You can trust us to continue that with this one.

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