New Salem: The Constable Expansion
New Salem: The Constable Expansion

Hi citizens of New Salem!

We are launching this prefundia project to see how much interest there is in an expansion to New Salem. By subscribing to this project, you'll be voting for us to make it in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. The more "votes" we get, the sooner we would make this game a reality. Also, as more people subscribe to it, we'll continue finalizing components and artwork and updating this page as we go. Note: A subscription won't add you to any kind of mailing list -- we'll just let you know when we launch.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brian and Clayton


What does the expansion add?

A new mayor is in town! Now, during the Event phase of each of the 5 rounds, the player with the most Hope cubes will become the mayor. They will determine the order events will be played.

The expansion will also add a TON of additional Events. You won't have the same few events available each game. Each game will have different events in a different order to increase replayability and ensure each game is a unique experience. Puritans may become witches, buildings may get destroyed, and players' loyalties will be tested with opportunities to gain victory points in exchange for despair. Both the power of puritans and witches will grow.

We are also adding 2 new sets of buildings to replace the Gloom and Law buildings from the base game. One set will significantly help the witches until they complete the set, which then helps the puritans. The other set will be the opposite.

What rewards will there be?

We'll have a reward level for just the expansion and another one for the base game plus expansion for sure. That will allow those who don't have the base game to pre-order a 2nd print run copy. We haven't decided what other reward levels we'll have quite yet.


Although we haven't signed a contract yet, the original artist, Andrea Olgiati, has shown interesting in expanding the world of New Salem in an expansion. If we decide to move forward with this project, I am confident he will join us!


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