New Castle Soap Company
New Castle Soap Company

Basic Information

Founded in late 2014, The New Castle Soap Co., LLC is a business located in New Castle, VA.  The New Castle Soap Company is dedicated to the development and sale of products that are all natural and safe when used appropriately.  Our products use only ingredients which were derived from environmentally safe means, and offer health benefits to our users.

100% Environmentally Safe, Our Promise

We promise to you that our products take into consideration environmental standards often higher than any retail brand.  100% Natural, Non-GMO, No Palm Oil, and no other ingredients from destructive sources.  You should feel good about the products you purchase, start with us.

What's Next?

The New Castle Soap Company is preparing to launch a KickStarter project which we hope will help bring the company to the next level.  Sign up to stay informed!  

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