New Basics
New Basics

The fashion industry has become all about the race to the next season or the next trend. We’re stuck in a cycle of endless consumerism, always trying to catch up to the ever-changing list of ‘must-haves’. We are New Basics and we’re here to change the fashion industry as you know it.

We’re slowing things down, cutting out the excess and bringing manufacturing back home where it belongs. Instead of trend, we do timeless. In place of chemical-laden synthetics, we use natural, American cotton that we knit ourselves to ensure the best possible quality. Rather than using inexpensive offshore labor, we keep our manufacturing at home so we can keep a close eye on our quality standards and ensure that our workers are safe, happy and being paid a fair living wage.

We also believe in integrity, which is why we stand behind all our products with a 10 Year Quality Guarantee and use a Transparent Pricing model that allows you to see our costs to manufacture and understand the prices you’re paying. 

We started New Basics because the fashion industry needs a shake-up. We’re ready to be that change. 

New Basics is coming soon to Kickstarter. Like our Facebook page to stay in the loop.

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