IGLUÜ - The Modern Ice Cube
IGLUÜ - The Modern Ice Cube


The Problem


Ice… Overrated don't you think? Ok, so they lower the temperature of your drink, but why would you want to leave behind unwanted chemicals in your glass? Tap water ice contains Chlorine, nitrates and pesticides just to name a few (yes you heard  that right, pesticides -www.freshlysqueezedwater.org.uk/waterarticle_watercontent.php). 

True, filtering out the water does help, but this does not eradicate EVERYTHING. Not to mention that awful freezer smell emanating from your frozen fishes and poultry, all of which gets absorbed into your ice. Not nice. And on top of all this, water based ice dilutes the flavours of your finest drinks... Now why would you want to do that? 

My conclusion: unhygienic, unpleasant, inefficient and distasteful.

The Solution

Introducing IGLUÜ Cubes, the revolutionary drinks cooler

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication 
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Made from Food Grade (SS304) Solid Stainless Steel, encased around a non-toxic liquid coolant at its centre, IGLUÜ cubes brings about many benefits when compared to your standard water based ice cube: 

  • Keeps your drink colder, and for longer
  • Quicker to freeze/prepare
  • More hygienic (no chemicals contained in tap water)
  • Doesn't dilute the flavours of your drink
  • Non-porous (odourless and tasteless - does not absorb smells)
  • No more mess from balancing water filled ice trays
  • Reusable for as long as you live
  • Looks very stylish in a glass



Whether it be your favourite flavoured Panda Pops or a 50-year aged single malt scotch, IGLUÜ Cubes can be used in conjunction with whatever drink that takes your fancy. Its simple, seamless yet sophisticated design makes it the ideal accompaniment to any high class beverage whilst also suited to your everyday OJ or fizzy pop. 

Ever had the problem of bringing back a bottle of White Wine or Rosé from the supermarket shelves, only to be disappointed that it hasn't been refrigerated the whole time? Well say no more, pop 2 to 3 IGLUÜ Cubes into your glass and enjoy a refreshingly cold tipple, while also preserving the full flavours that you so much deserve.


 Each cube is precision machined and individually hand polished, with smooth edges incorporated into its eloquent design to prevent scratching even the most delicate of glassware. IGLUÜ cubes are guaranteed to add "class" to any occasion and will always be the centre of attention. Perfect for hosting those all-important guests for a sophisticated drinking session.

Liquid Coolant

So what's inside an IGLUÜ Cube? Let's take a look:


The secret to IGLUÜ Cube's effectiveness lies at the centre of its design - a non-toxic, liquid coolant. This is the same substance that is found in Ice Packs used to treat injuries, or to preserve the temperature of food on-the-go. The liquid freezes quicker than water, and it also retains the temperature a lot longer. This, along with the impressive thermal retaining properties of Stainless Steel makes IGLUÜ Cubes the ideal drinks cooler. Below is a graph based on a test that was conducted between IGLUÜ Cubes and ordinary ice in a glass of water:

Effectiveness vs Ice 
Effectiveness vs Ice

As you can see, IGLUÜ cubes can retain the temperature of liquids a lot longer, while also dropping the temperature by a further 5°F/3°C at its peak!

Food Grade Stainless Steel

Solid 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel - the same material used in most medical, dental and kitchen tools, and for a good reason. They are 100% inert, will not add or subtract from the flavour of your drink in any way, will not absorb smells or flavours from your freezer, will not rust, oxidise, degrade, discolour, leak, pit, chip, flake, crack or dissolve. They're impervious to every drink imaginable, can withstand tons of pressure and have a melting point of 1450°C. 

IGLUÜ Cubes are completely dishwasher safe - either clean them with soap and water or give them a quick ride in the dishwasher, then send them back to the freezer to re-chill!

Packaging Design

Much emphasis was given to the design of the packaging itself, as it was crucial for the product to be well presented and aesthetically appealing enough for the gift market. It had to look right and feel right, and therefore using plain, thin, boring cardboard packaging was out of the question (although it would have saved on costs). Instead, a thick and sturdy, gloss finished box was chosen, with a magnetic clasp allowing for smoother opening and closing of the box itself.

Early Sketches 
Early Sketches


From Sketch to Reality 
From Sketch to Reality

On the Rocks?

Quite literally...


Made out of 100% natural soapstone, these hand crafted, hand polished cubes give a true "On the Rocks" taste. They share many of the same benefits as IGLUÜ Cubes, although more suited to low volume drinks. Soapstone is a non-porous rock and is therefore odourless and tasteless.This makes the perfect gift for the refined spirit connoisseur. 

This reward can be obtained alongside IGLUÜ Cubes as part of a combo bundle. Check out the Reward Tiers below! 




Reward Tiers

Each set of IGLUÜ Cubes includes:         

  • 6 x IGLUÜ Cubes                                       
  • 1 x Velvet Storage Pouch                           

Each set of "On the Rocks" includes:

  • 9 x 100% Natural Soapstone rocks
  • 1 x Velvet Storage Pouch

 My Goal

The immediate goal for this project is plain and simple - to raise enough funds to begin the first batch of manufacturing, and for the distribution process that will immediately follow suit to be carried out smoothly and comfortably. As you are all probably aware, various direct costs and overheads are involved with the manufacturing and distribution of a product, and these can accumulate very quickly!

The mid-term goal is to have the product shelved nationally in gift shops and other retail outlets, while also maintaining an international presence by selling online to individuals worldwide.

The long-term goal is for the product to be shelved and sold at every major department store in the U.K, and to begin integrating the product internationally, starting with Europe. Also, to incorporate more products into the IGLUÜ brand. 


Risks and Challenges

The potential risks involved with this project are those associated with manufacturing and logistics. Like any other project where manufacturing and distribution is involved, if demand greatly exceeds expectations then setbacks could potentially arise, leading to a delayed delivery date. However, with this in mind, suppliers have been chosen extremely carefully to ensure they are able to carry out high levels of production while maintaining perfect quality control. Additional producers have been lined up for each stage of the manufacturing process for when, in the very unlikely event, production issues do arise with our main suppliers.

In short - your Kickstarter project couldn't be in better hands!


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