New Album! Matt Stansberry & The Romance
New Album! Matt Stansberry & The Romance

This project has already launched.

We are poised and pumped to work on our third studio album! Ready, set, go…

The past few years on the road have been a huge blessing to us, and we only hope we’ve reciprocated those blessings back to our friends, family and fans. What some initially thought as impossible, we’ve seen happen – touring as a 9 to 10 piece band with no manager, record label, publicist or booking agent.

The only team we’ve enlisted over the years is our Kickstarter backers. These supporters helped us make our previous two studio albums. We are forever grateful.

Now we are looking to take on our next big challenge – creating our third studio album with zero compromises.

Why $25,000?

This is our time to be bold. As an independent artist it can be extremely difficult to take a ‘no compromises’ approach in recording an album. With this next record, we want to make the best music we can with little to no limitation – this will be our most ambitious undertaking yet.

Additionally, we make every effort to pay each musician, producer, engineer, studio, arranger, mixer, photographer, videographer and everyone involved, fairly – this is how we believe it should always be done.

Based on our budgeting this is the minimum we need to achieve a “no compromises” album. Simply put, it’s expensive recording a 9 piece band in a world class studio!

What kind of album are you making?

Again, this is our time to be bold. This new album will push the envelope for us creatively, and we are looking to take our sound and style to the next level. We’re going to try new things and go places we haven’t been before.

We will be recording at Ardent Studios where many great R&B/Soul and Blues albums (Al Green, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan) have been created along with some truly amazing rock albums (Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Allman Brothers, White Stripes, Lynyrd Skynyrd).

We’re looking to harness the energy of the studio, combined with what we’ve learned playing live – at the end of the day we are a Rock N’ Roll band with heavy influences of R&B/Soul, Blues and Funk, so expect nothing less.

Not familiar with us? You can get more information about the band and our music at

What if you raise more money than the goal?

First of all, if this happens we will be completely in awe, and there may be some jumps for joy and tears shed to be quite honest.

The targeted goal of $25,000 gives us the ability to make the album we want to make and release it on CD and Vinyl, but there is always more we’d love to do. Things like adding more songs to the album, more production abilities, more high quality videos produced, acoustic studio versions created, live recordings produced, guest appearances, more merchandise options and the list goes on and on.

We just simply want to allow anyone and everyone the ability to participate, whether we are on target or over funding. If we go over, we will go bigger and do more – we promise to make you proud either way.

Anything else?

We’ve never been more inspired or excited to make music. Over the past few years of touring we’ve gotten better with each show and we’re ready to create something beyond anything we’ve ever done.

With no management, label or formal team, we consider you our team, and a part of the Romance family. Please join us in bringing a musical message, rooted in love, unity and making people feel good, to the world.

Thank you for considering being a part of our story and helping make our third studio album a possibility!

Thank you and much love,
Matt and The Romance

p.s. we’ve created 20 unique opportunities to become a backer; however, don’t be shy – if there is something you don’t see, hit us up and let’s talk about it.

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