Never lose your wallet with BeeSmart
Never lose your wallet with BeeSmart

This project has already launched.

Lancashire Leather Announces Unique BeeSmart Smart Wallet

Innovative brand to launch with a worldwide Kickstarter campaign

Lancashire, August 7th, 2017 – Lancashire Leather proudly announces the next great innovation in the smart wallet industry known as BeeSmart. Unlike any of its predecessors, BeeSmart is a unique smart wallet that provides an attractive and smart solution to the needs of every man. Luxury, quality and functionality combined with the best smart technology ensuring personal details held within a wallet are protected and your wallet is never lost.

Lancashire leather realised that the needs of today's on-the-go men were not being met. Every man loves their wallet from the ability to store as many cards, cash and coins as they can, quickly and easily, to the sleek and luxury look of their leather wallet. With the onset of smart wallets it was realised wallets could be made better by protecting people from losing their wallets and protecting against RFID and NFC theft. However smart wallets have a significant flaw which is the fact they are made of cheap leather and lack functionality with the inability to store sufficient cards, cash and coins. This divided the community of wallet users with some users continuing to use their normal leather wallets as they did not want to lose the functionality and the attractiveness of their wallet. Whereas other users began using smart wallets as they felt never losing their wallets was a good compromise for the lack of functionality and attractiveness. With this divide in mind, Lancashire Leather embarked on a mission to design a luxury leather smart wallet for every man.

Based on innovative engineering and design concepts, BeeSmart smart wallet successfully addresses the problems faced by today's men in areas of aesthetics, functionality, comfort, ergonomics, durability, and smart technology to deliver a superior smart wallet, unmatched by most other competitive products. The first luxury leather smart wallet, BeeSmart boasts a number of breakthrough features:

  • Full Grain Leather – BeeSmart uses the best full grain leather sourced from Italian tanneries. Italian full grain leather is the best form of leather any leather product be manufactured with. BeeSmart’s use of full grain leather gives the BeeSmart an elegant and eye catching look combined with a luxury and premium feel.
  • Strength and Durability – BeeSmart’s use of full grain leather ensures it will last a life time no matter how much the wallet is used. The use of full grain leather also means BeeSmart will survive and show no signs of wear even when used in the worst weather conditions.
  • Spacious Interior – Inside the BeeSmart there are many compartments which holds bank cards, ID cards, travel cards, cash and coins, providing functionality for all users and keeps all items within the wallet separate and organised.
  • GPS Tracking - The Beesmart Wallet will not end up disappearing like the countless other wallets. Using the Beesmart app users can track the GPS location of the BeeSmart wallet; not only that but the BeeSmart wallet will also ring meaning you will always find your Beesmart Wallet.
  • Notification Alert – Once the user becomes separated from their wallet the BeeSmart sends the user a notification on to their smartphone to alert them they have left their wallet behind.
  • Smartphone Tracker - Just like wallets Smartphones have a tendency to go out of sight making finding your phone a time consuming and worrying process. This inconvenience is made worse when your smartphone is on silent and no amount of calls help. With Beesmart a simple double tap of the wallet will make your phone ring, even when it is on silent mode – saving users time and energy.
  • RFID Protection -  BeeSmart incorporates the latest RFID and NFC protection technology to ensure the personal details stored on contactless credit cards and biometric ID cards cannot be accessed and are safe in the users BeeSmart wallet
  • Ergonomic design – Having so much space in the wallet and incorporating smart technology many will expect the BeeSmart to be bulky and an uncomfortable fit. However due to ingenious engineering the BeeSmart fits smoothly into any pocket, and looks sleek without being a bulky eye sore to the user and those around.

Lancashire Leather Founder Jerry Harris said, "Kickstarter is the ideal platform to launch BeeSmart. This is a new product and a new way of bringing it to the world. By supporting BeeSmart on Kickstarter, people can be a part of the innovation process and directly affect the outcome of this launch."

Backers can currently get their hands on the BeeSmart for the discounted Super Early Bird price of £65 with guaranteed delivery before Christmas this year making it an ideal gift. On top of this Lancashire leather are offering all Kickstarter backers the option of personalising their Beesmart wallet and gift box for no additional cost.

Visit BeeSmart’s Kickstarter page to pre-order the wallet, meet the creators, and learn more about the product that is revolutionising the smart wallet industry.

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