NetWorth2b Personal Financial Management Tools
NetWorth2b Personal Financial Management Tools

This project has already launched.

Our project goal is to develop a personal financial management App and eBook; to help individuals build a customized budget for their level of income and lifestyle choices. The planned products are as follows:

  1. NetWorth2b Budget & Flow – An app focused on personal financial budgeting; designed to help individuals control their spending, get out of debt and grow their savings. The android phone version was recently released on Google Play.  The android tablet version, the IOS phone version and the IOS tablet version are all scheduled for release in late December 2016. 
  2. NetWorth2b Budgeting to Grow Wealth – An eBook to guide the reader through the process of building an effective budget that is tailored to his/her actual financial position. The eBook will serve as a companion to the budget app; ensuring a more successful outcome for the reader. We plan to deliver our eBook in late December 2016.



As previously stated, the android phone version of our NetWorth2b Budget & Flow app is currently available on Google Play.  It is the first step toward the development of our product portfolio, as well as proof of our ability to build a line of personal financial products. For more information, please visit 


While there are a number of financial management apps currently available to the end users, what makes us different is that we do not own or use the individual’s personal financial data. Many individuals do not understand that with some “free” apps, their personal financial data is being aggregated for purposes that, the user may not approve of, if they were aware.  We see this as a very important privacy issue.


In addition, our apps are Ad-free.  This is only possible, because we sell our products for a small fee, to support our business. We are dedicated to an integrated set of low-cost products that promote efficient and effective personal financial management.

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