Nerdy: The Defender
Nerdy: The Defender

Game Goals:

To help each individual develop their mathematical skills with action and fun through games.

Game Overview:

You are a NERD who was able to develop telekinetic Destruction power and will destroy robots that will annihilate mankind, well by trying to cross the screen from left to right were in right side is our base. Along your defensive line are the Carriers came from different organizations with special ability to help you stop the extinction of man.

Game Story:

WR Incorporated (Wave Robotics) has been developing robotics structures to provide solutions and make human lives easier. In Year 9019 they developed a super computer named “Arti” with an Artificial intelligence that revolves in 2 main rules, first is to help human and second is to protect human. 

In certain ways the Arti evolved and discover that the number one threat of humanity that will lead to human extinction is humanity itself, as the Arti evolved he is able to adapt and find human weakness and found a way to counter human weaponry. 

Arti designed a combination of high density alloy called Enecymia, a metal that is very unique that it can disable all offensive and defensive weaponry that man created hence the new breed of cyborg ENEBOTENEBOT are able to disable any weaponry that are created by human, It can automatically defuse the point of explosion and absorb it in couple of mini seconds, its so fast human is unable to react, the only thing that they can do is...


Is there any other way humanity can survive? Is there someone who can immediately destroy ENEBOT and shut down Arti

No matter how hard WMU (World Military Union) humanities weaponry is no match with the capability Enecymia Alloy and the continuous evolving the Arti. Nuclear weapon are disabled as they can stop nuclear launch, all aircraft weaponry are unable to engage as it will be disabled by the ENEBOT . Humanity are inside a huge cage controlled by the Arti… 

But there is one more way to eliminate ENEBOT , one last hope of humanities freedom… Telekinetic Destruction… yes you heard me right… Telekinetic Destruction… 

Telekinetic Destruction is a way of creating a destruction into a matter that does not involve physical contact. Without chip that can overwritten, without detonator to disable, Telekinetic Destruction will sneak up on the ENEBOT without them knowing. 

This is the only way how we can destroy ENEBOT and stop invading the world, and there could only one species that has the ability to do that...


Game Controls:

Player need to tap on the numbers on the right, each number corresponds with numerical value which will add once it is tapped. Once it sums up with the corresponding number assigned in the robots number located on the top of its head... KABABOOOOOMM!!! the robot will be destroyed.

Well of course everyone has limitations so in each stage you will have different formula so make sure you check the equation first but don't worry your not fighting alone, some undisclosed organization will help you and will give you Carriers.

 These Carriers will activate their own special abilities that will help you, slow-down, weaken, or even get more cash from the enemies

The team is currently in debugging stage and planning to initiate a soft launch this April 27, 2016.

Below are the following updates to follow:

  • Additional Carriers, planned carriers 20-30
  • Facebook sharing integration
  • Additional Enemies skin
  • Additional Stages and level

For more information please visit out site

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