Nepsu Triangle Speaker - On Indiegogo May 9th 2016
Nepsu Triangle Speaker - On Indiegogo May 9th 2016

We’re a young startup from Montreal, Canada and we’re launching our first product on Indiegogo, May 9th 2016. Our product is the Nepsu Triangle, a versatile and customizable speaker.

What is the Triangle?

The Triangle is the most versatile, multi-room and wireless speaker on the market. Fully customizable, the Triangle can blend into any decor and suits the tastes of the user. With interchangeable parts available in a variety of meticulously selected colors and high quality sustainable materials, the users are free to fully express their individuality and creativity. Each colorful aluminium plate and acoustic tissue are magnetized for an easier look change. The power cable is also available in different colors for an easier integration. It is also versatile because it can be placed on a table, hung on a wall or even be inserted in a room’s often empty and unused corner to free up space.

The Triangle features the latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA and aptX technology, and also has an Aux In (Jack 3.5). The audio quality has been optimized with the help of three audio experts and is made of the best components and materials to provide long-term clear and pleasant listening experience, without fatigue for the ears.

The multi-room feature, with multiple devices, allows the user to play the same song in every room or different songs in every room. The product also comes with a microphone and a hands-free functionality to never miss any call. The Nepsu Triangle is designed out of recyclable materials to a smaller carbon footprint on the environment and is made in Canada.

Why the Triangle?

As each person is directly influenced by their immediate environment, we believe having the right product has a positive effect on our personal development. The vast majority of speakers are mostly identical; usually rectangular-shaped and black, and none allows to enjoy music freely without disrupting a home’s design or having to make compromises. We wanted to create the most versatile and reliable speaker, adapted to nowadays users’ needs and habits: that is why we created the Nepsu Triangle, an appealing, intuitive and complete audio solution which gives freedom of use, using the latest technologies.

The Nepsu Triangle speaker has been conceived by merging art’s creativity with the power of technology as an innovation leverage. Designed by using biomimicry guidelines, it fuses relevant shapes and functionalities to aesthetic beauty in order to reach an unpreceded level of environmental integration.

 Who is behind the Triangle?

Nepsu was born in 2013 when four friends had the idea to create their own company to develop lifestyle-changing products. As each person is influenced by their immediate environment, Nepsu strive to create the most polyvalent, unique and customizable home solutions to make their lifestyle more comfortable and to contribute to their personal development, by merging beautiful design with the latest technologies.

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