Neopenx: Innovative Rolling Ruler and Pen Combo
Neopenx: Innovative Rolling Ruler and Pen Combo

This project has already launched.

The Neopenx is a revolutionary tool that is going to change the way you measure objects, draw, and create. It is designed to be used by anyone that needs to measure anything especially anything that has a curved line. It is also designed to allow you to draw dimensionally correct curved lines on paper.

This ‘pen’ is both a measuring tool and a drawing tool. Designers, crafters, carpenters, and people who have to measure objects or sketch objects onto paper currently use a ruler and a pen to do their work. The ruler is an accurate tool for measuring a straight line, but when you have to measure a curved line, and you have to get the dimensions completely correct, the straight ruler cannot do the job accurately.

The Neopenx allows you to set the ruler aside and use the innovative measuring wheel on the pen to make accurate measurements of straight lines or curved lines. Then using the same tool you can draw a replica of the lines you measured onto paper to make a pattern, a blueprint, or a pictorial rendition of the object you measured.

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