Neon Mobile - Customer Engagement Platform
Neon Mobile - Customer Engagement Platform

Customer Engagement Platform

Smart Cities ·  Global Brands · Small & Medium Businesses

  • Neon Mobile creates engaging experiences.
  • Smart cities, big brands and businesses can use our artificial intelligence and big data tools to deliver a great customer experience.
  • Consumers engage with personalized and customized content and businesses have the tools to engage, promote, track and refine their interactions with their customers.

The Future of Human Interaction

A transformation of how we interact with each other started with the internet and became a reality with smart phones; we are constantly living in the moment, tapping, talking, posting information in a way that was probably never predicted. Now if we add artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and high speed data, where everything is connected, we are on the cusp of another evolution "The Age of the Consumer", where experiences replace moments. Through smart healthcare, retail and many other emerging technologies, the interactions will become interactive and immersive. These "smart" applications will anticipate, wait patiently, match, filter and find everything we need or want. Whether you are exercising, shopping, working or communicating, each experience will be more engaging, personalized and customized, while trying not to be intrusive.

At Neon Mobile, we have built an artificial intelligence based engagement platform for the consumer, the employee and the citizen. Our platform learns and adapts to your needs to help build positive experiences all on your smart phone. Whether you are interacting with your home, car or even the smallest mom and pop business, Neon's platform can help you save time and energy by gathering data and enabling a fluid interaction between you and your affinities. Our initial focus is to enable small to medium businesses, global brands and business districts to have an immersive experience with their customers as we lay the ground-work to build the first fully integrated smart city in 2019.

What is a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)?

The Neon Mobile CEP combines the best-of-the-best mobile experience by applying artificial intelligence and predictive analytics techniques to create an engaging conversation between a business, a brand or even a smart city and their customers, consumers or citizens. With IBM Watson, SAP HANA and our own Conversation Platform, Neon Mobile provides a turn-key model to engage your customer through personalized and customized content to grow your business. Our model teaches the cycle of customer engagement: Engage, Promote, Track, & Refine. The CEP platform provides all the tools to provide your customers with a state of the art immersive mobile experience.

Market Drivers -  What is on the Mind of Today's B2C Marketer

Our Solutions

Neon Mobile's solutions focus on connecting all the touch points between a smart city, a business district and down to the smallest mom and pop with their customers and citizens. A suite of solutions based on a platform as a service architecture allows for a business with one or thousands of locations to effectively manage each customer in a personalized and unique way.

Smart cities

Neon Mobile is providing the core technology to enable the average citizen to have a fully integrated living experience. The 22 City Link Platform will contain several layers of functionality from the basic infrastructure and connectivity all the way through integrated artificial intelligence and big data applications. The Neon Mobile Platform will provide the mobile experience for the citizen and the glue to connect the applications together. The Neon Mobile platform will provide the ability for each business or application to customize or tailor their experience through our dynamic mobile application framework.

Global Brands

Neon Mobile has several solutions for big brands -- our enterprise platform is readily deployable to 1000's of locations. Our immersive user experience and dynamic content provides for an ever-changing and engaging user experience. Businesses can use push through marketing, campaigns with coupons, promotions, savings cards, gift cards and loyalty cards through mobile push, email, text message, voice interaction and much more. Experiences and conversions can be measured across locations or regions. Sophisticated statistics as well as subtleties like customer sentiment are available in a user friendly dashboard. Our recommendation engine provides ideas, insights and help to make sure all initiatives are completed correctly.

Small to Medium Businesses

Neon Mobile’s platform runs out-of-the-box for any small to medium business. With the same ability as enterprise accounts, the small business can interact and grow their business. The Neon Mobile platform supports almost all business types in service, restaurant and retail industries. Whether your conversation is about dry cleaning or dry martinis, the platform has the answers.

Platform and Features

Requirements to satisfy market demand for personalized and customized user experiences.

  • Targeting Engine – Content is customized for the business, and personalized and targeted for the consumer on each interaction. This is based on location, behavior and your history, using cognitive computing to combine all channels including mobile/web, voice, email, and social media.
  • Conversation Platform – Have a fluid conversation by “speaking to a customer” using our proprietary tools augmented with IBM Watson and SAP Hana. Quite literally, your customer can speak to your business through their device to quickly learn and engage with your business.
  • Publishing Platform – Your content has a shelf life and our platform understands when and where your content needs to be active. Promotions and campaigns can come and go (expirable) with zero maintenance.
  • Dynamic Mobile Experience – This is created by the publishing platform – it creates a shared dynamic mobile hybrid application for 1000’s of companies by region, group, or business location without you have to write a single line of code.
  • Training, Education and Refinement – Takes all results and helps you improve on approaches and content strategies with our recommendation engine and proprietary engagement cycle – effective approaches are shared with all businesses which improves all customers' experiences.

Our Reference Customer

Our reference customer is 22 CityLink, a wholly owned subsidairy of 22 Capital Partners. The project is a $500+ million mixed-use development with 2.5 million square feet of space. It is the first “smart city” in the region and one of the first in the country. The goal is to merge technology with real estate and create an environment that continuously adapts to the people who are living, learning, working, shopping and playing there. Shoppers’ smart phones may automatically feed them curated deals in the nearby shops, restaurants may automatically recognize and reward their best customers, and business intelligence could be applied instantly to help solve any problem that may arise — the possibilities are endless. 


 "Neon Mobile's technology is light years ahead of everything I have seen and will be critical to the success of our Smart City", said Minh Li Managing Partner of 22 Capital Partners.

Feom the CEO: I invite you to
come join us in redefining and improving the quality of life for everyone on the planet. By integrating all aspects of how a consumer interacts whether through IoT, wearables, smart retail, or any other emerging technologies, it is possible to create the next generation consumer experience that will only get better with time. A business, district or even a city that learns from its interactions and a citizen that has one unified living experience: what a future we have.
 -- Dave Ladouceur

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