Neil Moss - Daymares and Nightlights
Neil Moss - Daymares and Nightlights

I'm thrilled to be starting my project on Kickstarter.  I've taken a decent amount of time creating a video and page that is very entertaining and informative. I've developed unique gifts that my backers can cherish for a lifetime.  On top of this, I'm very proud to be presenting my reason for the kickstarter campaign, my sophomore CD - DAYMARES and NIGHTLIGHTS.Poster# 1 CD Cover Poster 

I sarted writing nearly 20 years ago, and went on to finish my first CD, Diction Ellipsis in 2000.  I was pleased with the final product, but decided to stop, and take time to work on my writing and composing skills.  I wanted to hone my craft.  I now have enough songs for a series of CD's.  I'm excited to be announcing Daymares and Nightlights as the first CD I am featuring in this series.  

 At the recording studio in Phoenix, AZ

Daymares and Nightlights has 11 songs.  I went back into the recording studio a couple of years ago, when my funds allowed, to start laying down the ground work (vocals, piano) for this CD.  But studio costs- including engineering, studio musicians, equipment, traveling, and mastering add up quick, especially for a struggling artist surviving on chump change.  This has made it hard for me to reach the finish line.  I could just put out a stripped down, bare bones version of my songs, that would lack a professional studios touch.  But after the time I put into crafting and composing these songs, I feel they deserve better than that, and have so much more to offer.   As you saw in the video, I've worked pretty much every kind of job (many not shown) to pay for my project, but have gone as far as I can alone.


This is where Kickstarter comes in.  It's been exciting and inspiring for me in recent years seeing not only the success other artists have had achieving their financial goals on Kickstarter, but the quality of product it has enabled them to put out.  Now I'm reaching out to the Kickstarter community hoping to find the help I need to finish my own project.

I will really appreciate the help you can give me and in return I promise to deliver with a product I feel you will truly be impressed with.  As for the gifts backers will receive for their help, I wanted to offer something extra with my campaign.  So I held out on putting up my page for an extra year in order to work closely with an artist to produce posters to go with the CD.  

   At a location shoot for my Kickstarter video in Austin, TX
At the recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona

Again, Daymares and Nightlights has 11 songs.  So what I'd like for the end result is 1 cover/title poster and 11 more posters, with each song on the CD having 1 poster representing it.  So far over this past year the artist and I have been able to finish 6 (the cover and 5 song posters).  Each one has been entirely hand crafted by the artist with colored pencil and pen, using no computer imagery. The quality you see in these posters is the same quality and professionalism I put into my music.  And I am confident that you will be pleased.  I'm proud to have them representing my music and think they will make a wonderful addition to any residence or art collection or simply something to remember your contribution to this campaign by.  

Poster #2 song poster- The Captain the Swab and the Navigator

I have the 6 finished posters displayed here on the page and will be offering them as gifts along with the CD in a variety of packages you see listed.  I will also be using the funds I receive from Kickstarter to pay for finishing the other 6 remaining posters.  When said and done, my goal is to have each song's poster enlarged to 5'. I will display them when performing. 

Poster #3 Song Poster - Pitch Black
                                                 Me, relaxing in front of one of Austin, TX beautiful murals

On top of that, I will be offering my first finished CD- Diction Ellipsis- in select packages.  I only had a certain amount originally printed, so these are in limited supply.  

                My previous CD- Diction Ellipsis

For my video presentation, I spent nearly 7 months finding locations, finding participants, and having it filmed and edited.  I wanted something entertaining while still getting my message across.  I really hope you enjoy it.

Poster #4  Song Poster - No One Has To Know

Thank you all for taking the time to watch my video.  Again, I truly appreciate any and all help you give me in achieving my goal and pushing this project across the finish line. 

Poster#5  Song Poster- Pitch Black with Shaded Borders
Thank You,
Neil Moss
Poster #6  -song poster- Take Me Make Me
Poster #7  -song poster- What You Mean to Me
Walking in past a mural in downtown Austin, TX
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