need glasses for computer use
need glasses for computer use

With the lens-type "desk" computer glasses: This design, the maximum distance of the glasses wearer has a clear and clear target set at 6½ feet. As a result, it provides high-quality, natural vision from reading to mid-range rights. This computer lens is ideal for people who work mostly on a computer or read a lot.
Computerized eyeglasses with lens type "room": With this lens, the maximum distance is set to 13 feet, giving the wearer a comfortable visual distance from reading distance to a typical room. The "room" version is designed for people who, for example, work intermittently with customers and on the computer screen. When walking around, they did not notice that they were actually wearing computer glasses.
Your eye care professional will help you decide what type of lens is best suited to meet your individual needs.
4. The first computer eyeglasses do?
Strictly speaking, you do not need progressive lens, but reading glasses is not the best solution for your computer work. But can you choose computer glasses for your first pair of glasses? Yes, in some cases. Some people note that the first signs of presbyopia require glasses to read, but there is no distance to the vision. However, reading glasses is not enough, because they are designed for very close distance. The solution may be computer eyewear, and it is precisely the distance that you need to optimize. If you choose the type of lens "room", you can walk in the office or talk with the customer without having any problems while wearing your computer glasses. The lower the power prescribed by the near vision, the less you will "notice" that you wear glasses. reading glasses for computer lens may also be a good solution. Your eye care professional will be happy to give you more advice on this matter.
5, what kind of paint your computer lens?
You have to choose a high quality paint. In the office and production facilities, your eyes usually have to cope with bright ceiling lighting. To ensure that reflection does not compromise your visual quality, at work, you should choose a good anti-reflective coating for your lens.
A hard protective layer to ensure that your computer glasses can withstand the daily work pressure and pressure. A cleancoat decisively enhances your glasses - cleaning performance or helping to first prevent them from getting dirty.
6, the workplace of Blu-ray: how can you use the computer to protect the eyes?
The impact of Blu-ray is the subject of much controversy. We need a healthy body and our healthy blue light, but blue light radiation can also be dangerous. One thing we know is that we are now exposed to more blue light than ever, due to the radiation emitted by modern light sources such as LED lighting and computer screens. Some people find this blue light to be irritating or violent.
The answer to this question is likely to be a special coated lens: the Zeiss lens with duravision®blueprotect. The clear lenses feature a new coated lens which incorporates a hardcoat and cleancoat technology to make them easier to clean, as well as a blue filter, with a range of blue to blue wavelengths from 390 to 440 nm.
7, computer glasses are also for home use.
Household computer glasses.
It may sound strange, but computer eyewear may be your favorite hobby, whether it is reading, watching TV, cooking, surfing the net or chatting online or playing musical instruments. They are ideal for any task that you are in close proximity or close to the middle distance.

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