NAVIA - The Online Bodyguard
NAVIA - The Online Bodyguard

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NAVIA - The Online Bodyguard

A portable premium wifi security solution, that also unblocks geo-restricted content worldwide!



Navia powered by ZenMate® is premium portable multi-utility WiFi security solution, safely connect to the internet wirelessly without any IT configuration or software setup. 128GB of Flash Encrypted Storage, 13,000+ mAh of Battery Capacity and 12 hours of iSmart Fast Charging gives NAVIA competitive edge over its rivals.

NAVIA protects upto 5 Smart-devices including Smart-phone, Smartwatch, Smart TV, Tablet/iPad and Phablets. Now, you can say goodbye to Insecure Online Browsing and enjoy peace of mind with NAVIA!

NAVIA is like a virtual shield that protect all your online data, as if you wear a body armor.



NAVIA was designed with usefulness simplicity in mind. We want to make online security portable and available to everyone. You'll enjoy NAVIA in just 2 steps via an Intuitive Web App that can be accessed from any browser on any device. NAVIA protects all WiFi enabled devices & platforms despite the Operating System you've onboard.


Connect your WiFi device(s) to NAVIA. Once it is on, your devices will be able to find the secure hotspot it created (by default, the name of the hotspot will be Navia).Once you are connected to Navia WiFi, you just need to go to your browser and type Navia/ in the address bar and hit Enter. The webpage will show you the available server locations. Just click and you are good to go!


A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows users to gain access to connected computers securely through any Internet network - be it over WiFi network over at Starbucks or one at a hospital, at the train station or everywhere else. Despite your location, having a Virtual Private Network allows you to encrypt all the information or data you might need although you access them through a (open) Internet connection.

NAVIA is powered by ZenMate®, one of the most well-known and rock solid VPN provider with 30+ server locations. Globally renowned brand backed by 37.6+ million users worldwide. That means you will have in your hands the same technology to what big companies and government organisations use to protect their sensitive data. It doesn't require any installation on your laptop or phone or any other WiFi enabled device. Below listed some insightful reviews regarding ZenMate® Technology and Infrastructure; issued by well-known Media and tech Blogs:NAVIA allows you to directly connect to another one anywhere in the world. Leave one at home and connect to it in a snap while you are on the go. You may want to give your partner a NAVIA, make a NAVIA-to-NAVIA connection and have a fully featured encrypted backup for your valuable files.NAVIA allows you to maintain anonymity and privacy while navigating, bypassing geo-restriction and internet censorship. Users will get greater security, as well as able to visit Websites, sign-up Apps, access Content and install Software that may be barred in user country. You can now watch video streaming channels and access restricted services wherever you are.Unblock geo-restricted content on your laptop, gaming console and streaming devices such as your Xbox, Apple TV, YouTube and SmartTV when you are away. This means you can say YES to wilderness without cutting off with rest of the world! Just get your popcorns, drink and put on your favorite show as you were at home. NAVIA lets you store, sync and share files with your friends without exposing them on the cloud. You can store up to 128GB with bank-grade security keeping your files close to you and away from any cloud service leak or online snooper.Your data, your identity and all other confidential & sensitive information can be unprotected from bad guys, online snoopers, your ISP, IT administrators, government surveillance. NAVIA shields you against such dangers and more as credit card frauds, password theft, health records manipulations and accounts hijacking.Additionally, NAVIA helps you save a lot of money. E-Commerce websites and Retailers capture your location data and browsing history to adjust their pricing. This means the 2nd time you login with NAVIA you won’t bound to pay more than the price you saw for booking Flights, Car Rentals, Auctions Items, Amazon Goods without leaving any digital footprints. Now, you can choose location to have access to cheaper prices, Hurray!


We've been through key stage, now we are ready to move forward in order to bring NAVIA to the masses. 

Research and Development
We spent months looking at prestigious VPN providers and reliable hardware manufacturers, buying parts and testing prototypes tirelessly. We came through several key areas that need to be improved so as to meet the finest results.

Focus Groups and User Feedback
We conducted many sessions with volunteers, segmented by age, profession and country. We spent a lot of time to understand their needs, their frustrations and the real world scenarios for the best NAVIA ever. Therefore, we went through broad market research to minimise the margin of error. We pooled best resources to tackle grave issue of Cyber Security yet did not borderline the idea of portable wireless digital communications.

Paper and CAD Design
We then went through countless design improvement of NAVIA on paper and on CAD, reviewing and perfecting the concepts, discussing them with people – end users as well as engineers – and revising the designs further.

Manufacturing Process, Color Test and Quotes 

Once the designs were final with all the possible updates or further issues, we spent a lot of efforts asking for quotes on the production and finally agreed a partnership with a European based factory, with years of experience in the ICT and micro tooling. Some critical details such as the gold PCB finishing left us with no doubts about the best process needed for NAVIA.


We need to make two halves for each part of NAVIA. Each mould costs a lot to make so a substantial portion of budget will be spent on CAM tooling and setup before production can start at the highest level.

Shipping and Handling
Once NAVIA batches are made and packed, we ship them direct to you from European facilities meaning you get the item quite fast. We are devoted to protect the environment so we reduced the carbon footprint at the least working hard with the logistic partners that will take care of shipping the parts and the final products.

We wanted to share NAVIA with the Indiegogo community here first because of the strong community of creatives, innovators and early adopters. With your help will you help kickstart the future of portable online security. The expected delivery has been set to August 2017.


We chose INDIEGOGO crowd funding because we wanted to share this project with people who really value and appreciate innovative ideas that challenges the innovation state-of-the-art.

There are too many products out there from new and existing companies that fail to deliver the functionality and quality that we believe people deserve. We believe that building NAVIA into a successful product starts with each and every backer’s support. There is a tangible need for security and we are excited to gather backers support in giving us the opportunity to build the best portable online security. Help us launch NAVIA so that we can continue to build quality products that not only exceed consumers’ requirements, but one that you are also proud to make a part of your digital experience.


NAVIA provides secure web access whether it’s browsing or online buying. NAVIA vision is to shelter their users’ privacy in such a way they themselves feel no one able to track their Confidential Information, Private Conversations, Financial Data, Online Transactions, Medical History, Browsing Habits, Buying Pattern and Demographics. Now you can say NO to IP Detection and Data Logs and Data Mining!


#1 - How does Navia prevent organizations from tracking my location?
Organization and Individuals need your IP address to determine your exact location. Your IP address contains a critical piece of information, it’s a unique number that can be traced and used to learn your digital identity, location, browsing history and most importantly websites you visit. Navia core objective to protect you and your family mates digital footprints leave while surfing internet without revealing your IP address from any online activity.

#2 - Do I need to setup/install anything on my computer?
NAVIA does not require any additional software to be installed on your smart devices alongside offers you full compatibility with any Internet browser. NAVIA powered by ZenMate, supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. NAVIA vision is to offer stylish yet simple product which serves you with minimal technical effort. In case you might face any difficultly with your NAVIA device, make sure you are running the latest version of your browser.

#3 - What is the main connection used by NAVIA? Does it act as a WiFi-to-WiFi tunnel?
NAVIA is like a portable router that encrypts existing WiFi connections. Simply connect NAVIA to a nearby WiFi hotspot, like hotel, coffee-shop, co-working open space, and it will configure a separate secure WiFi network, on your benefit. NAVIA doesn't need any SIM card or LAN connection. It's a full wireless only smart device.

#4 - Is NAVIA for everyone?
Whether you’re Traveller, Social Activist, Commuter, Online Worker, Designer, Freelancer, Coder, Entrepreneur, Journalist or even Lawyer carrying sensitive information, who value privacy and want to protect themselves and their families online. NAVIA got it all by securing your cyber security and bypassing internet censorship. You can be anonymous while browsing and take charge of your own online freedom. NAVIA strives hard to offer everyone the right to protect themselves from websites and organisations that track online activities.

#5 - How secure is NAVIA?
NAVIA is extremely secure. Our mission is to provide you a safer platform, where the websites wont able to store information that identifies you on their servers by putting vulnerability on back-seat leading and blocking access to site’s owners, or hacked by malicious attackers.

#6 - Does NAVIA store personal data?
Negative. Navia collects neither user data nor logs. User security and privacy is our ultimate concern.

#7 - Can I use NAVIA on my phone?
Positive. Any WiFi device or smartphone is supported. You must connect them to the secure WiFi hotspot provided by NAVIA.

#8 - Is there any backdoor in NAVIA?
Negative. Navia will never allow a backdoor as this would compromise the security of NAVIA and ZenMate users.

#9 - Can I use ad-blocking software with NAVIA?
NAVIA does not provide Built-in Ad-Blocking software. Anyone can use its preferred ad block app.

#10 - Can I use multiple devices with NAVIA?
Positive. NAVIA can support upto 5 devices. All devices share the same privacy preference.

#11 - Which device could be protected through NAVIA?
Devices connected via WiFi are protected. It includes: IoT (IP Cameras, Baby Monitors, Smart Locks, Smart Alarms, Smart TVs, Printers, Smart Thermostats, Gateways); Portable or Desktop devices (Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops, Workstations).

#12 - How much are automatic updates?
NAVIA Over-the-Air updates are free and can be done remotely without any hitch. The updates will be available continuously, without service interruption. Navia will download updates against new threats around the clock. You need not to worry, your device is always up to date without a break and your privacy is fully guaranteed as no updates will be applied without your consent.

#13 - Can I transfer a ZenMate standard and lifetime licenses to NAVIA?
Positive. Standard or Lifetime Licenses can be transferred to NAVIA, but each license can be activated only on one device at a time.

#14 - Does NAVIA work everywhere?
NAVIA will work in the vast majority of situations, but on rare and very specific occasions Internet can still be restricted by third parties. However, we will make sure NAVIA works in as many scenarios as possible. Also, NAVIA must be able to reach ZenMate VPN infrastructure, which could get restricted somewhere without any preliminary notification.


Pre-Order your NAVIA, it’s time to let yourself take back the Internet freedom and protect your digital life and data. With NAVIA, you can say it’s none of your business to whatever and whoever play against your online private and secure experience. Please share our crowdfunding campaign links to your near and dear ones and help everyone enjoy the digital freedom. Thank you for your great support!

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