Navia - The Online Bodyguard
Navia - The Online Bodyguard

Digital Equipment Communication Ltd (DEC), an Irish Internet Tech Company: engaged within lines of ICT R&D; using advanced computer technologies for knowledge management and innovative Virtual Private Networks for the creation encrypted devices. ZenMate, a German VPN service provider, launched in 2014, backed with $3.2million, known for their software that encrypts web browsing by routing internet traffic through their network of servers to hide IP Address.

DEC and ZenMate teaming up to drive industry transformation in Virtual Private Networks (VPN) cyber-security with a new envisioned product. “Navia” - multi utility portable VPN device works for all smart-devices, without any IT configuration or software setup.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows users to gain access to connected computers securely through any Internet Network – then whether you are at Starbucks or Hospital, allowing you to seamlessly connect to information or data you might need with an Internet Connection. You can head towards beach in Maldives, still get access to any content, anywhere in there world. Companies usually have VPN networks set up in their Offices for employees, who are always on the move, can easily access their files, other resources or even printers. They can also connect their devices at Home, even if they don’t allow VPN software to be installed, such as the AppleTV or Chromecast. Navia does it no all - neither requires software nor hardware to setup. Infact, it’s so simple that a person with zero IT skills can get his hands dirty without any hassle or plugging in and out.

Although demand for such devices have gone up, the current devices available in the marketplace are limited to content unblocking, IP address protection and Firewall protection. Design has been constantly kept off the drawing board for these VPN devices until Navia was created. Now, you wouldn’t mind showing off in public or meetings, that’s make Navia a real game changer among Personal VPN devices. 

“Either you’re Traveler, Commuter, Online Worker, Designer, Freelancer, Coder, Entrepreneur, Journalist or Lawyer carrying sensitive information…Navia will cover your cyber security and bypass internet censorship.


I'm Tech Enthusiastic, striving hard to address grave issue of Internet Privacy and Security with innovating Virtual private Network (VPN) portable device. You can support my vision and mission on Thunderclap. It's simple you just have to click on this link and then click “Support with Facebook” or “Support with Twitter".

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Kashif Khan

Marketing and Community Manager (DEC)              

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