Naughty or Nice: Play to Donate Toys
Naughty or Nice: Play to Donate Toys

This project has already launched.

A game that makes it possible for people to donate toys to children in hospital over Christmas, without the need of donating any actual money. By playing and collecting presents (points system) you could donate a brand new toy to a child in hospital for Christmas. Of course if you can’t play enough, we do offer an option to purchase enough presents to make a donation. A hospital is the last place anyone would want to spend Christmas, but we would like to make it a little special for those children who have to. We aim to collect enough donations to supply two hospitals in the Greater London area with toys this Christmas. Our priority is Great Ormond Street Hospital due to the high number of children in their hospital each Christmas.

‘Naughty or Nice’ is an addictive Christmas game designed to make every user feel good while playing. You simply navigate Santa down the chimney and collect as many presents as possible while trying to manoeuvre around obstacles and the dreaded lumps of coal. The obstacle you must avoid is the dust and dirt that has built up on either side of the walls. With enough backing we will be able to implement other features such as power ups to make the game even more enjoyable and keep users playing, more play equals more toys. This is our first charity based app but we have other concepts in the pipeline for 2017. Once ‘Happy App’ is established, a percentage of all our profits will be going to a variety of charities.

‘Naughty or Nice’ will be available on the App Store & Google Play.

By contributing to this cause we will make this game happen in time for Christmas. With enough backing we will be able to do amazing things.

£1,000 - We hire the additional help needed to complete the game by our intended launch date, 30th November 2016

£2,000 - We implement additional features into the game (Power ups, additional obstacles, etc)

£5,000 - We create and produce a paid advertising campaign to help create a social following for the cause & donate an additional 500 toys to kids in hospital for Christmas

£10,000 - We will produce an Amazon Kindle version of the game & donate an additional 1,000 toys to kids in hospital for Christmas

Every £1000 more - We will donate an additional 100 toys to kids in hospital for Christmas


Get on the Nice list - Thank you credits - Pledge £5 or more 

Get on the nice list and receive a special thank you in the credits as someone who helped make this game happen. We will also be attempting to craft a naughty list of everyone else on earth who hasn’t pledged, you don’t want to be on this list (Although this will not be on high priority).

Little Helper - Thank you Christmas Card - Pledge £10 or more 

Get on the nice list package & receive an extra special Christmas card from us, noting your generosity & support.

Elf - Give a gift with your name on it - Pledge £30 or more 

Receive the Little Helper package & give a gift of one of our premium toys to a very special child in hospital this Christmas. We will put your name on a card with the gift and you will also get to see the video of us delivering the toys before anyone else.

Comet - Naughty or Nice Santa T-Shirt - Pledge £50 or more 

Receive the Elf package & get the ‘Naughty or Nice’ T-Shirt. We’ve designed an awesome T-Shirt with Naughty or Nice graphics and a little text mentioning how awesome you are for donating.

 Rudolf - Help shape the game - Pledge £100 or more 

Receive the Comet package & Help us beta test the game. See an early preview of the game and offer your feedback to actually shape the way the final product is developed!

Mrs Clause - Delta Tester - Pledge £500 or more

Receive the Rudolf package & receive an early version of next years game. This is a campaign we would like to run each year at Christmas time and want to make the game better every year.

Santa - Come with us & play Santa - Pledge £1000 or more 

Receive the Mrs Clause package & join us delivering presents on 23rd December 2016 at hospitals in and around Greater London. If you can’t be there in person we can always Skype you so you can see the looks on the children’s faces. Nothing like a smile on the face of a child to get you in the Christmas spirit

‘Happy App’ tries to make every aspect in life enjoyable, even giving charity should be fun and full of excitement. The sole purpose of gaming is to enjoy yourself and have fun, if we can make an impact on peoples lives while doing this, then we believe we have found meaning to our lives.

‘Happy App’ established in 2016 by three young eager entrepreneurs aiming to make their mark on the earth, making a difference using technology & fun.

Ahmed - COO (Chief Operations Officer) An inspiring project manager with a Degree in Computer Science. Ahmed is a dedicated and passionate COO, who puts the success of ‘Happy App’ above all except his loving family. Growing up in London and coming from a diverse background, he was blessed with caring yet decisive leadership qualities. The Heart of Happy App.

JJ – CCO (Chief Creative Officer) An accomplished designer, turned marketer. JJ always had a desire to create and has done so for established companies from around the world & is currently writing his first book, ‘About a Brand’. Although a driven entrepreneur, he is first and foremost a Husband to his wonderful Wife & Father to two beautiful Daughters. The Soul of Happy App.   

Calin – CTO (Chief Technical Officer) A developer with limitless skills, who is yet to find a hurdle too high to jump. With a Masters in Computer Science, Calin has drive and passion that enables him to succeed in any project. Born in Romania and an avid snowboarder, he is prone to a trip or two back home to visit family and compete in snowboarding events. The Brain of Happy App.

A few years ago, Ahmed’s 6 year old nephew was diagnosed with cancer and has spent most of his childhood in hospital. He is so grateful to the doctors and nurses who looked after his nephew and had always wanted to give back, in essence this is how the idea for Naughty or Nice was born.

5 days - The campaign is so short as we have such little time until Christmas. We came up with the concept for the game two weeks before the start of this campaign and have been going 100mph with it ever since.

Example of some of the toys we will be donating
Example of some of the toys we will be donating


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