Naughty No-No's: Helping Kids Make Better Choice, One Book At A Time
Naughty No-No's: Helping Kids Make Better Choice, One Book At A Time

This project has already launched.

Dear Potential Backer,

The Naughty No-No's is a franchise that I am creating as a way to help urban youth develop better critical thinking skills. The books will feature a diverse group of young boys that start together in PK and follows them through Secondary School. The platform consists of 2 books series, 1 graphic novel series and 1 Video Game.

The first book series is targeted toward children in grades PK - 2, with its theme being centered around the importance of being honest and following directions. The first two books, in the series are currently in progress.

First Series

The first book is titled: The Adventures of Alex "The...". This book focuses on Alex, the main character of the series, and how committing Naughty No-No's will cause progressive punishment ultimately causing him to be BANISHED to his room, while his friends are playing at the park.

The second book titled: Finding Mummy focuses on the possible dangers of running off in crowded places like malls, when your Mum is slightly distracted. In this story, Alex gets lost and when he can't find his Mum, he gets very scared as some of the adults around him begin looking slightly menacing. A friendly officer helps him eventually find his Mummy.

The third book in this series, is currently un-titled, but will be centered around behavior in school. This is an interactive reading series that prompts the student to think and answer simple questions about what Alex does, why the behavior is Naughty and what could he have done better. In addition to reading books, this series will feature matching coloring books and puzzles

Rebecca Robinson
Creator: Naughty No-No's Franchise



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