Nature's Reach
Nature's Reach

This project has already launched.

What game is Nature's Reach?

Nature's Reach is a Third-Person perspective and a 4X game hybrid. The player makes decisions in the 4X mode such as expanding bases and deciding where to act. When the player decides to act, the Third-Person perspective mode will start where the player takes control of a nature friend. This nature friend can be a vareity of things such as a bear, dog, dragon, or what have you. The nature friend the player can choose is dependent on the quests and actions the player takes.

In the 4X game mode, every turn is represented by a season (Eg. fall, winter, spring, summer). On each end turn, the sentients will grow, expand, and further destroy the environment. On your turn, the player will need to decide their best options on how to restore the environment. Questions such as "should I kill these sentients to prevent them", "should I try to persuade these sentients to be more environmentally conscience", "how should I try to persuade them? Violence? Bribes? Logic?", "should I focus on recovering the environment directly?", and "should I improve my surrounding area to get better resources". Not just these questions, but there will be additional nature friends to find which will require the player to do something to get. The player will have to make decisions and not all paths can be taken.

How the 4X game mode works with regards to base management is that a base can be built by a specific nature friend (Eg. beaver, ant, etc.), and this base overtime will expand its borders. ALL tiles within it's border will harvest the resource on the tile. Every turn that passes, all the tiles within the players borders will add to the total resources obtained. Tile borders are acquired naturally over time OR they can be bought with resources. The costs depend on distance from the base and the type of tile itself.

In the third-person perspective mode, the player will take control of one of the nature friends that were acquired in the 4X mode. Each nature friend has a unique set of abilities that are used. In general, they will have something to do with the unique voxel engine in place. Such as the bear in trailer who can raise his arm and cause a shockwave throwing voxels aside. Other abilities could be voxel walls spawning, voxel projectiles, and other things. In the third person perspective mode, in general, the point is to destroy. Destroy the sentients buildings, kill them, and make the land return to its natural state. Of course there are more friendly nature friends who could be used in an attempt to communicate with them instead of destroying. Peace or violence, its up to the player.

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