Natural Light Color Adjust Table Lamp & Dome Light
Natural Light Color Adjust Table Lamp & Dome Light

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A color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

Lighting that can improve:

  • Color perception  
  • Visual clarity  
  • Mood  
  • Productivity

Design HMI Next Generation Dome Lamp for Auto and Home with Smart Color Tuning Light Module offering you White Light color temperature that best suits your needs or time of day.   

Why is our adjustable lighting unique?

  • The natural light lamp and dome light not only have a 95% color rendering index (CRI), they also let you control the temperature of the color. These lamps will now work for everyone in the household with different preferences.
  • White Light Color Tuning from Warm (2000K) to Cold (5500K) with dimming capability. With a 95% of Natural Light Spectrum to provide illumination based on natural light and adjustable to time of day and different interior fabric / trim color renderings.
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Design HMI has completed concept design phase. Final production intent prototype will have two designs:   

  • In car Pick and Place Dome Light application – intensity 55 Lumens. Ideal for autonomous vehicles on long drives.  
  • Table light – intensity 150 to 350 Lumens. Five color temperature settings.
  • All concepts to be wireless with 8-hour life rechargeable battery life.
  • Wireless controller to turn light ON / OFF, adjust color and lighting intensity.  
  • Table Light module to be designed to integrate with standard off the shelf lamp shades.





 The other design deliverable is to develop LED lighting that which mimics natural sunlight as much as commercially viable – 95% of the CRI Index which is measure of the ability of a light source to 129reproduce colors of various objects compared to an ideal light source. On scale 0-100 lights closer to 100 have an ability to show truer colors.  

Per recent WSJ Article as quote on ‘ How to Bring the Sun Indoors’ researchers are looking at how dialing up and down the brightness, color and richness of household lighting can help regulate our circadian rhythms. These rhythms—the mental and behavioral changes that occur in response mostly to light cues over each 24-hour period—affect hormone releases, body temperature and the sleep-wake cycle, according to the National Institutes of Health. Studies have connected circadian-rhythm disruptions with obesity, depression and diabetes. Better lighting also lifts our moods and improves our quality of life, researchers say.




 The near perfect CRI ensures Ledzworld’s new MR16 lamps render objects naturally making them an ideal choice for efficiently illuminating retail stores, restaurants, hotels, museums, art galleries, and homes.  

With their Chameleon driver and Color Temperature Adjustment (CTA) 2.0 technology.” The lamps will be available in a variety of beam angles including a very narrow spot-beam often requested for 159retail store applications. 10°, 25°, 40° and 60° are standard and customizations are available upon request.  

The company’s innovative Chameleon driver is a technological breakthrough that adjusts itself to its environment by first detecting the transformer type, then analyzing its waveform and finally adjusting itself to make a perfect electrical fit with that particular transformer. This feature makes the MR16 Chameleon retrofit lamps truly “plug and play” devices that can be used in a wide variety of the possible combinations of commonly used drivers and dimmers  

Utilizing Ledzworld’s CTA 2.0 technology, the high CRI LED MR16 Chameleon lamp perfectly emulates the color tones of halogens when dimmed.  

The other company is Yuji ( which began producing LED phosphor material in 2006. They focused on red phosphor technology, a necessary addition to any LED phosphor recipe for high CRI and/or low CCT, which at the time represented a small, yet rapidly growing market opportunity.

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The key design targets are:  

  • Lighting intensity 350 Lumens.  
  • Adjustable light color temperature from 2000K to 5500K.  
  • Meet natural light CRI Index of 95% at some key temperature settings.

Other key design deliverables are:  

  • Wireless design with minimum 6-hour power pack.  
  • Wireless charging. USB cell phone charging ports. Proximity detect with soft ambient light ON.  
  • Touch ON / OFF feature with color temperature controls. Dimming capability.

Thank you for your pledge! Based on your pledge you will receive:

Dome Light:

 Table Lamp:


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