national teach-in on saving our democracy from radical right billionaires
national teach-in on saving our democracy from radical right billionaires

            Hello, I am an award winning media producer here in Loveland CO. I wish to   produce an ongoing National Teach-In on retrieving our democracy from the radical right.

            When I say ‘ongoing’, I mean the teach-in will extend to beyond the 2020 national census. Redistricting in each state will follow the census. Specifically, the objectives of our efforts are:

üTo provide a solid understanding of the background of the problem up to the present time.

üTo identify those individuals and organizations at the center of the problem.

üTo illustrate specific current activities and how they can be tracked.

üTo detail strategies and tactics to be used to counter the radical right.

üHow to organize for the long haul.

            There are four recent books that describe what is going on very quietly, a plan to convert our democracy to an oligarchy controlled by the so-called one percent. For your information, here they are.

üJane Mayer. Dark Money: The hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right.

üGordon Lafer. The One Percent Solution: How corporations are remaking America one state at a time.

üDave Daley. Ratf**ked: Why your vote doesn’t count.

üNancy Maclean. Democracy in Chains: The deep history of the radical right’s stealth plan for America.

            I will make extensive use throughout the project of Google Hangout and Youtube. Hangout is an interactive video conferencing service. YouTube is a sophisticated video distribution system. A key to success of the project is to establish and maintain support to our field personnel, so as to provide them with the necessary resources they need in the field to build participation among the recruited citizens.

     I am seeking $350,000 to carry out the project. Breakdown of the budget is as follows.

50 state coordinators @ $2,000 each                                     100,000

50 state historians @ $3,000                                                     150,000

Myself                                                                                                 50,000

Web site                                                                                                5,000

Misc. equipment                                                                                3,000

Tv graphics                                                                                           3,000

Two presenters @ $3,000 each                                                     6,000

Videographer                                                                                      6,000

Contingencies                                                                                    30,000

                                                                                    Total          $350,000  (rounded)

Discussion of the budget

            The state coordinators will be recruited from the donors. This opportunity to be a part of the project will be featured in the video. The state historians will be recruited from university political science faculty. These experts will become, in each state, the main source of state of the problem information in each state.

            I wish to employ two presenters, primarily for a change of pace. I will be using a virtual set designed to present more than one graphic at a time. Also, videos and guests where appropriate.

            Let me summarize the progression of activities throughout the project.

üRecruitment and training of coordinators and state historians.

üRecruitment of potential committed citizens throughout each state.

üFirst presentations focused on the problem, its implications for the nation, therefore we the people.

üAnalyze feedback from viewers.

üSecond set of presentations focusing on the details of protests and actions to be taken to level the playing field.

üFollow on through the 2020 census and redistricting and removal of the radical right from office and other seats of power.

            Ambitious?  Absolutely. Possible? Yes. Why else would I try it. I am unable to find any other effort at this level. THE PEOPLE are the solution. There is no other.


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