This project has already launched.

A creative Artproject of the NASA, directed by D. Delgado. The posters are free for download and reprinting, so i wanted to print them in a Printer Studio for my Working Place. But they were not that size i needed, and some Text in the Header and Footer was not so nice. Also the PDF was without the NASA Logo and i had a big white border around the illustration. And i don't like Borders around large Posters ; ) Also the printing sizes of the data was not that format i needed... what to do?


So i decided to retouch the Posters and fit them to international Standard Sizes in Europe and US. 70x100 cm & 24x36 inch. That's large, but the quality i got from the Nasa Server was more than perfect to the selection I made! I added a Service Fee for work and Tax and decided to bring a perfect Poster Version of these stunning Artworks to the world as a an additional Option to the normal Download and printing size.

 I also added one smaller Format, that works all around the world:
 50x70 cm.

The Printer Studio is located in the US and in Europe, so shipping rates are very comfortable, and shipping will be about one week international. If there is no snow & ice ; )

The Quality is 200 Grams enhanced matte Paper, UNFRAMED! This museum-quality Epson matte paper will give your Poster a polished look. We highly recommend to frame this Artprint, the matte Surface is very sensitive!


Thanks a lot for supporting this project, i think it will be absolutly fantastic to have these Artworks on your Wall.


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