NAPTIME  Power nap with EEG technology
NAPTIME Power nap with EEG technology

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Meet Naptime


Naptime helps you time your naps perfectly. It uses EEG readings of your brain activity to wake you up during your light sleep phase instead of deep sleep, so that you feel awake and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Any spot becomes a napping spot. The comfy memory foam eye mask blocks light 360°, while HI-FI digital headphones lull you to sleep with music from your devices to match your brainwaves and mood. The intelligent music library will evolve over time as the app discovers which audio works best. You can also add your own favorite songs to the mix. 





The best power nap in the world, anytime, anywhere

Nap better in the train, airport, or office. The Naptime memory foam eyeshade blocks out light and lulls you to sleep for a high-quality power nap wherever you are (no battery needed). Just 20 minutes of sleep can boost your alertness, productivity, mood, creativity, and cognitive abilities, while lowering stress hormones in your body. 


Time your naps perfectly to wake up refreshed

Naptime helps you time your naps perfectly. It uses EEG readings of your brain activity to wake you up during your light sleep phase instead of deep sleep, so that you feel awake and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Waking up at the wrong moment can make you feel groggy, so don’t risk it. Let Naptime get it right every time. Choose your wake-up music from several tracks.


Comfy memory foam eyeshade

Forget about flimsy eye masks that press on your eyes and nose. Naptime is made of memory foam with billions of temperature-sensitive particles, fitting the contours of your face with a 3D design that leaves space for your eyes so you don’t feel any pressure. The eye mask’s interior is lined with breathable fabric, and its premium leather exterior comes in multiple color options.


Your personal sleep DJ

Naptime’s EEG sensors track your brainwaves as you fall asleep, and the app plays pre-loaded music that that progressively relaxes you. The intelligent music library will evolve over time as the app discovers which audio works best. You can also add your own favorite songs to the mix. If falling asleep to music isn’t your thing, you can listen to the built-in meditation tracks. Once Naptime detects that you’re actually falling asleep, it fades out the tracks and turns on white noise to block sound from the outside world. Whatever you listen to, it’ll be hi-fi, lossless digital audio quality, thanks to the special headphones that connect to your devices with Apple Lightning/USB Type C connector technology.


Hi-fi digital audio headphones

Naptime’s earphones have a unique flat and small design for a comfortable fit. They connect to your devices through a lightning/Type-C connector for hi-fi digital audio quality. The cable has a volume control so you can adjust the sound with your eyes closed and without taking off the mask.

The best part? Naptime needs no batteries. The lightning/Type-C cable draws charge from your devices so you can just plug it in and start napping smarter.


Dry EEG Technology

If you’ve never used an EEG reader before, you’re in for a treat. EEG stands for electroencephalogram, which detects the electrical activity in your brain and records your brain waves. They’re used in medical settings routinely.

Naptime uses “dry” EEG electrodes, which are safe and easy to use. They’re more comfortable than the older “wet” electrode sensors -- the way they’re designed, you won’t even feel them when you’re wearing the eyeshade.

Here’s how it works: Electrically conductive silver fabric touches your skin to detect your brain’s electrical signals. This data travels from our patented EEG algorithm chip to the Naptime  app. The app uses your data to pick the right music for your mood, wake you up at the optimal time, and calculate your nap quality Nap Score.

(If you like, you can remove the EEG reader from the eye mask at any time.)


Naptime App

The Naptime app is the brain of the whole operation. Download it for free to your iOS and Android smartphones.

The Naptime app uses your EEG data to:

●  Play songs that relax you and lull you to sleep (Sleep DJ)

●  Start white noise when you fall asleep

●  Pick the best point in your sleep cycle to wake you up refreshed

●  Calculate your Nap Score: sleep quality based on brainwave frequency

●  Track how long you sleep, how long it takes you to fall asleep, and sleep cycle curves

●  Give you personalized tips to improve your sleep quality

You can also use the app to choose select music, 4 guided meditation tracks, and set wake-up times.



Color Options


Meet The Team

We are the Entertech team, and we focus on developing high-tech wearables for health, leading the way with dry EEG acquisition and ECG acquisition technology. We’ve been a member of Apple’s MFi developers program (Made for iPhone) since 2015.

Our R & D team consists of bioelectric data collection specialists from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, University of York, and others. We cooperate closely with the Zhejiang Tongde Hospital and the College of Biomedical Engineering & Instrument Science at Zhejiang University.

We believe that sleep and relaxation (and their related health benefits like disease prevention) are important causes, and we plan to develop even more technologies for accurate health data monitoring after we bring Naptime to market.


Where we are, and where you come in

The Naptime eyeshade has passed through Apple’s MFi official certification, and we are putting the final touches on our working prototype.

Your support will make it possible for us to manufacture and ship Naptime units around the world. Why contribute? Well, you’ll be the first to get a Naptime eyeshade and you’ll enjoy more productive and relaxed days, thanks to better power naps.

And more importantly, you’ll help advance technologies in health monitoring, sleep, and disease prevention.

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