NapkinBooks: Bitcoin on a napkin
NapkinBooks: Bitcoin on a napkin

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What is Bitcoin? Why do you care about it?

Bitcoin is the world's most important digital currency. In the short span of 8 years, it's grown from the utopian project of a few users to a system that's moved more than 120 billion dollars.

Bitcoin on a napkin is an illustrated book that will teach you what is Bitcoin and how it works, its uses and even a bit of history about digital money. We will walk you through the Bitcoin and blockchain concepts, explaining step by step how they may have started a revolution almost as big as the Internet.

Twenty-one million — that is the total number of bitcoins that will ever exist. Sixteen million have already been claimed. You in for the rest of this story?

The Book

This is an entry level book, so anyone with an interest can understand it. If you're already into Bitcoin, this might be the perfect gift for those around you that are just getting to know it. 

We think technology subjects have great potential to become visual books. Smart and beautiful can go together in your library, office or coffee table!

The Rewards

The book is the main objective, so we want to keep it simple in terms of rewards. We want to create a beautifully produced object, so focusing on a single product allows us to put all the care and money into it.

However, we have a million ideas for new things we can offer later as stretch goals. Posters, sketchbooks, animated videos & tutorials... even napkin sets are in the plans. Let's make this a reality and then keep on building something cool!

Do leave your comments with all the ideas you'd like to see from us :)

Animated videos & tutorials anyone?
Animated videos & tutorials anyone?

The NapkinBooks Concept

Explain it to me on a napkin. That's the idea.

We love the power of sketches and doodles. We love napkin drawings because they're simple, direct & unpretentious. We love it when people who understand something complicated can reach out to us and explain it in clear, fun, inspiring ways. For these reasons, we created NapkinBooks.

Technology is changing our world, and we want to see more people of all ages and backgrounds understanding the principles of software, the internet and digital currencies. When people understand they can form their own ideas and participate. Just as we participate in business or politics without being economists or politicians, we should be participating in a tech-driven world.

The Authors

A project by Daniel and Federico. We're friends who've been working together for the past 6 years on projects like story-telling softwareapps for lyrics lovers and digital experiences on physical spaces.

For this book we've invited illustrator Daniela Hoyos to help us turn our messy sketches into beautiful drawings & Juan Sebastian as general advisor and proofreader. 

Kickstarter & The Community

Great examples of independent publishing
Great examples of independent publishing

We've been fans of the Kickstarter platform for years, where we've found great inspiration for the project. Backing and seeing like-minded publications come to life has been amazing & the best kind of encouragement to give it a go. Since we first started working on this idea in 2016, we did so with the focus of building a great product and community with the help of Kickstarter – we hope the project motivates backers and creators to jump on board.

The Timeline

The Product Specs

Help us spread the word! 


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