MySports App
MySports App

MySports was crafted with sport enthusiasts in mind. We are creating FREE platform for all sporting events. It will transform the way you experience your next event.

Tournaments, stadium games, social meet ups or simply looking for a running mate locally or swimming practice buddy. You can discover it all with MySports Event App.

Have you ever felt quite lost at large venue? Looking for field number, see what vendors are around you but don't quite feel like moving from your seat. Maybe you just wanted simply talk to someone that's attending the venue at your event, meet new people that share your interest or find a player locally but never had an opportunity to do so. 

MySports offers dedicated chat and intelligent venue mapping tools to keep you informed and engaged pre-, during and after the event.



All users will be able to:

- Discuss your favorite events in real-time

- See through your camera lens where everything is at your event

- Add your favorite event and share with others

- Find local people for a quick game

- Explore all the venues around you


As an event organizers you will be able to:

- Easily manage all your venue(s) from one place

- Set your pins for all vendors, restrooms, field numbers and other points of interests (POI) at your venue

- Send all important newsfeeds in real-time to all your attendees.

- Increase social buzz and popularity of your event

- Allow your attendees to pour all event excitement to dedicated live chat and spread the word on social media 

- Receive constructrive feedback directly from your attendees

- Integrate our maps, newsfeed and chat to your website


For limited time only we will be offering free access to all Premium features. All early adopters will receive FREE FOR LIFE access to all app features! 

Please spread the word and stay in touch! Share with us your feedback. We appreciate all comments and constructive opinions. 

 Project Team - MySports


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