MyPomPom - Snap for fun!
MyPomPom - Snap for fun!

This project has already launched.

MyPomPom is a yarn PomPom with an easy-to-attach clipping system. Snap it easily on a knitted hat, scarf or even helmet.



What We Do  

We all wear hats in winter. When temperatures are low, it’s important to cover our heads. This adds to our comfort when we take long winter walks or when we do our chores in or outside the city. Being someone absolutely addicted to wearing a hat, for me, personally, going out without a hat is absolutely unthinkable. At a certain point, however, it turns out to have a great number of hats so you can match them with all your daily outfit. Not to mention that our style of dressing while at the work and in our leisure time are very different from each other. No need to pile up a great number of hats though. You can have one or two boring hats and have pompoms that are different by design. We offer you exactly that – pompoms for every day, mood, and occasion that can turn your dull hat into a fashion accessory. By using our special clipping system, you can decorate scarfs, jackets, bags, or whatever item of clothes you wish. To allow for even more various combinations, we offer our pompons in two sizes. And for active people who like winter sports, we provide the option for attaching a pompom to a helmet. When on the slope, it is better to stand out – our favourite statement is “Oh, I’m with a black helmet on!”.



How It Works  

Each MyPomPom is accompanied with an attached ABS plastic slot, which we currently produce on a 3D printer. Additionally, you get a pin made of flexible plastic material - also produced on a 3D printer. You can easily pierce the flexible plastic pin through knitted fabrics. This is how the pin attaches to your accessory while its elasticity makes it completely safe to use. Then the pin goes into the ABS slot. Because the plastic materials of the slot and the pin share a different level of elasticity and because of the special design of the enter slot point, the two parts fit very well together, and thanks to the special design of the opening slot. All this makes the fastening very stable and reliable.


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