MyPhonePouch - Carry your phone hands-free and pockets-free
MyPhonePouch - Carry your phone hands-free and pockets-free

This project has already launched.

If you have a cell phone, you need MyPhonePouch!
MyPhonePouch™ is an innovative, patent-pending, light-weight, soft, stretchy pouch designed to be worn tucked over your waistband allowing you to comfortably and conveniently carry your phone and other small items with you – hands-free and pockets-free, no belt required. 

Stop leaving your phone behind. Stop carrying your phone in silly ways. MyPhonePouch is truly a unique invention that solves a common problem for anyone who has a cell phone and is tired of setting it down and forgetting where they left it. Tired of juggling their phone while they carry other items and risk dropping something. Sick of taking their phone out of their pocket every time they sit down or worse, sitting on their phone. MyPhonePouch is designed for anyone just trying to keep up with one of their most important possessions, their cell phone.

MyPhonePouch can be worn with yoga pants, leggings, sweats, jeans, jeggings, pants, slacks, skirts, shorts, skorts, pajamas and other garments that are fitted against your waist and hips. The snugger and more fitted your garment, the more securely MyPhonePouch will be held in place. Designed for women and girls but can be worn by anyone. Often the pockets in women's garments are small, shallow or they don't even exist. With MyPhonePouch you can keep your cell phone secure and accessible hands-free, pockets-free, purse-free and no belt required.

So what does MyPhonePouch look like and how does it work? It is a simple yet clever design, a soft, stretchy pouch that simply tucks over a snug waistband and voila, you have a hands-free, pockets-free, purse-free way to carry your phone. With convenient extra pockets both in the front and in the back, you can also carry other small, lightweight items such as money, credit cards, an ID, a key, a charging cable, earbuds, an external battery, even a small medical device or emergency medication (such as an Epi-pen or inhaler).

The secret to MyPhonePouch's patent-pending design is the removable counter-weight.This smooth, flat piece of stainless steel weighs 4.25 ounces and when combined with a snug waistband, it is enough to counter-balance the weight of your phone and hold the pouch in place. Because MyPhonePouch is soft and stretchy, it pivots with you as you move making it very comfortable to wear. It is easy to slip on and easy slip off, making it is a true game-changer for how you can carry your phone.

Stop sitting on your phone. Many people carry their phones in their back pocket. Besides being an easy target for pickpockets, every time you sit down you have to take your phone out of your pocket and set it someplace. Then when you get up you have to remember to put your phone back in your pocket - and then repeat this process every single time you sit or lay down. And if you forget that your phone is in your back pocket, it can be a very costly mistake. 

MyPhonePouch’s soft design pivots with you when you move so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket when you sit down (or recline), and you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out of a loose or shallow pocket when you bend over. And if your outfit doesn't have a pocket, you now have a secure way to carry your phone.

MyPhonePouch is machine washable and dryable. Simply remove the counter-weight before washing and replace after drying. 

You can easily use earbuds while wearing MyPhonePouch to listen to music or talk on the phone. If you are sitting, you can plug in and charge your phone while wearing it.  

It can be worn on the right or left side, on the front of your hip or on the side of your hip – wherever is more comfortable for you when you are doing various tasks. For extra hold, you can also tuck MyPhonePouch through both your waistband and the waistband of your underwear. You can use it with a belt but unlike other "holsters" that require you to attach it to a belt, no belt is required to wear MyPhonePouch.  

Carry MyPhonePouch with the grip of just one finger. Though designed to be worn tucked over your waistband, if your outfit doesn't have a waistband or if your waistband is too loose, alternatively, you can carry MyPhonePouch with the grip of a single finger so you are much less likely to fumble and drop your phone while carrying other items. 

You can even wear MyPhonePouch while driving and keep your phone secure and close, rather than sliding around in your car, banging around in your cup holder, or buried deep inside a purse. It works equally well for both drivers and passengers. Simply buckle your seatbelt over your waist and let the pouch rest over the belt. You can then plug in and charge your phone while wearing it. (This seat belt functionality is also great for travelers on an airplane to keep your phone hands-free accessible when buckled into your seat, so no more forgetting your phone in the seat back pocket.)

MyPhonePouch will first come in one size and one gender-neutral color but as we build upon our success, it will come in various sizes to fit most phones and cases. The color, pattern, branding and licensing options are virtually limitless (think of branding with the logos and colors of colleges, sports teams, musicians, companies and endless other options.)

MyPhonePouch is a great accessory for sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other crowded venues. Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, cheer, clap, drink, eat, move about, all in a crowded space. What the heck do you do with your phone to keep it secure and accessible? WIth MyPhonePouch you can keep your phone, credit card, cash and a key secure on your hip; hands-free, pockets-free and purse-free so you can focus on the activities and people around you rather than trying to keep up with your phone. 

There is a wide range of other potential uses for MyPhonePouch. From life-saving medication to a child's toy, MyPhonePouch could be used to carry a range of small items such as a small medical device like an insulin pump, emergency medication such as an Epi-pen or inhaler, a baby monitor, a cordless phone handset, or a small gaming device. There are numerous other uses for this practical and highly functional pouch. 

At MyPhonePouch we will "walk-the-talk" of Made in America. We will try to minimize our packaging to reduce our environmental footprint. With the nature of our design, we will be able to maximize every run of fabric resulting in minimal production waste. 

MyPhonePouch can go global. Practically anyone in the world has a use for MyPhonePouch. The simple yet clever design is truly universal and can be used by anyone who has a cell phone or other small item that they need to carry hands-free. Simply change the language on the tag. (To this end, I am also applying for international patents.)

MyPhonePouch will give back to marsupial charities. At MyPhonePouch we love all animals, but we have a special place in our heart for the marsupials (pouched mammals) that helped to inspire this invention. We will be seeking out reputable charities that rescue, rehabilitate and relocate injured marsupials and donate a portion of our profits to support their invaluable work. In North America, that would be our only marsupial, the humble yet resilient opossum. In Australia, that would be literally hundreds of marsupials that go far beyond the iconic kangaroo featured in our logo as Australian marsupials include many species and subspecies of wallabies, koalas, wombats, gliders, quokkas, quolls, possums, bilbies, bandicoots, numbats, mice, and moles just to name a few. Learn more about our giving back goals at our website. 

This is not a knock-off or copy-cat of an existing product. MyPhonePouch is truly an original, unique, useful and practical invention. There is absolutely nothing like this invention available in the market and I have looked. I believe that MyPhonePouch is going to transform the way people carry their cell phones ... hands-free, pockets-free and purse-free. 

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