MyLeak Water Detector
MyLeak Water Detector

This project has already launched.

MyLeak is an advanced water leak detection system.

•Small Footprint, 3” diameter •No extra hub required

•Easy install from any WiFi device

•No maintenance

•3 Year battery life for alkaline (included) or 8 year optional lithium battery.

•Child resistant

•Works anywhere in the world

•Alerts to leaks, low battery, no WiFi, and setup complete

One year warranty on materials and workmanship.

This has been in development for two years. We have extensively tested our prototypes and are ready for production runs.  We need enough cash to make a minimum of 1,000 in the first run and to get it out to the market. Every sensor is tested before shipping.  No moving parts.  Nothing to break.  Sturdy casing.  Uses standard AA Alkaline batteries available worldwide.  Upgrade to lithium for longer life.

Go to for the installation manual in English ,French, and Spanish.

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