MyDriving - 1st cloud-based driving app!
MyDriving - 1st cloud-based driving app!

This project has already launched.

MyDriving consumer experience

The human value that’s delivered by MyDriving is a greater awareness of how your own driving habits affect safety, gas budget and the long-term performance of your vehicle. Raw data is first collected from the vehicle’s sensors in combination with your mobile phone. That data is then processed by the back end in real time to derive human value, which is then presented to you in meaningful and attractive ways on your phone.

End User benefits:

  • Are you a good driver or not? Find out!
  • Does traffic congestion affect you? Looking for faster and cheaper routes for your daily commute? Find alternatives.
  • Have higher awareness of your own driving skills, see the areas of improvement
  • Reduce your gas cost by smart driving through your own big-data
  • Your driving history is in the cloud, always accessible, anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce your insurance costs with the proof of good driving history
  • Learn how you can reduce your emissions and your overall impact to environment due to driving
  • Monitor your car when sharing with friends and family. How do family and friends drive your car? Are they speeding while driving, obeying stop signs?
  • Better know your daily commute routes. How many stop-n-go's on your way to work? How much time you spend idling in the traffic? What's the extra cost of that idling? How do traffic and road constructions impact your daily commute and overall gas budget?
  • Not only see the "check engine" trouble codes, but also get simpler and faster maintenance experience by sharing error codes with your dealership, garage or mechanic.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by avoiding possible over-maintenance

Benefits for Companies and Enterprises:

  • Insurance companies: Improve customer base by offering discounts for members with good driving skills. Better risk management with big data.
  • Car rental companies: Attract more customers by offering discounts or other incentives based on driver rating. Better driving, less utilization of car resources, save from over maintenance cost.
  • Dealerships: Know "check engine" codes for the cars sold and serviced. Invite customers for preventive maintenance, quick fixes. Better plan and utilize dealership resources. For resale inventory, give better visibility as to how the car was driven in addition to its maintenance history.

Government and Municipalities:

  • Know which areas have drivers with higher, moderate, and poor driving skills
  • How does that correlate to road safety, maintenance, accidents in that area?
  • How to find alternatives to traffic congestion using big-data?
  • Fleet management. How to monitor operational vehicles in real-time, and reduce overall gas and maintenance costs?
  • Which areas cause more emissions, how can it be reduced?
  • What's the impact of traffic and road work on overall gas consumption, time spent in traffic, extra emissions due to idling?

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