Mybasin Personal Support APP
Mybasin Personal Support APP

This project has already launched.

Mybasin is an APP that gives people the extra hand to achieve balance in their everyday life

Why we developed Mybasin Personal Support APP

1.The lack of boundaries in today's digital world leads to the pressure to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is not good for our well being   

2.1 out of 6 workers face depression, stress or anxiety just coping with the on and off demands of their jobs   

3.Unresolved conflicts leads to under productivity at the workplace  

4.More people are looking for meaningful channels to engage with other members of their communities in this digital era  

5.More people are shopping via their smartphones  

6.Endless meetings, tighter deadlines and longer working hours are having a negative health impact on American workers. Many are now spending more time at work and struggle to balance their work and personal life

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