MyAudioSession - The World's Most Personalised Music Experience
MyAudioSession - The World's Most Personalised Music Experience

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How do you choose the right pair of headphones when we all hear differently? Your hearing capabilities are different to the other 7.4 billion people on this earth, we believe your headphones should be as well. Discover MyAudioSession: a headphone and mobile app duo capable of wireless, high-definition audio and the ability to evaluate and optimize your musical experience.  

MyAudioSession have teamed up with Aumeo and their award-winning technology that maps your hearing sensitivity to different sounds and then adjusts your music based on your audio profile.  

MyAudioSession headphones are engineered to create the optimum sound, be more comfortable, be super easy to take with you and are tailored to enhance the way you hear your music, films and games! Discover what makes us different....

Like fingerprints or DNA, each person’s ears and hearing ability are unique. So why are we currently sold a "one size fits all" within the headphone market?

As we use our sense of hearing everyday, our ears can become less sensitive to certain frequencies due to fatigue and damage. Important details in our music, films and games can be lost due to the resulting imbalance in our ears.

Often, people will simply turn up the volume to compensate, but the frequencies which were acceptable before could now create a sense of audio distortion, increasing the amount of listening fatigue and potentially damaging your sense of hearing even further. 

Now with MyAudioSession you can immerse yourself in enriched audio which is uniquely optimized for you and without the limitation of wires.

We have licensed and integrated Aumeo Audio’s patented technology into our headphones and our mobile app, which aims to balance the user’s listening profile and enhance their audio enjoyment without the issues that volume adjustment and traditional equalizers create.

Test your ears by letting the app know when you can hear the low beeps across certain frequency ranges. The app will then sync this information with your headphones, which will then adapt to your profile, making sure you hear your music the way it was intended. 

1) Easily calibrate and optimize your listening experience

2) Pair MyAudioSession effortlessly with NFC

3) Skip the cables and utilise QI-compatible wireless charging (charging platform not included)

Here at The Audio Session we are committed to creating cutting-edge audio equipment, to give you, our community, a ground breaking musical experience and we can't wait for you to join us! This is why we aim to give our first 500 backers their headphones this year!


From humble beginnings as a Hong Kong-based company, the members of The Audio Session (Antonio International Ltd.) have been involved in the design and development of personal audio equipment with major industry leaders around the world for over 30 years.

Our latest project, MyAudioSession, aims to unite our decades of audio expertise with innovative sound-personalization technology to create an acoustically superior headphone that can enrich the user’s enjoyment of music.  




The Audio Session is the trademark of Antonio International Ltd. 

Aumeo is the trademark of ACE Communications Ltd.  

All brand names and trademarks are the registered property of their respective owners.

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