My Side and Yours Bedsheets
My Side and Yours Bedsheets

With My Side and Yours, couples can choose the fabric they want on their side of the bed.  With My Side and Yours each set of bedsheets are divided, one preferred fabric on the left side, and one preferred on the right side…and couples will never have to compromise again! 
We created My Side and Yours to solve the problem of Mollee’s year round ice cold feet.  The idea is simple; Jonathan didn’t want to have to sleep in a sauna with a mountain of blankets all year, and since no one else had a solution, we created one….
Though My Side and Yours is a relatively simple solution to the age old problem of fighting over the bedsheets, there have been many challenges in bringing our dream to a reality.  We have sourced the finest selection of fabrics, from the warmest, coziest fabrics, to the softest, lightest weight eco-friendly fabrics, and everything in between.  All our bedsheet sets are handmade in North Carolina, and shipped directly to your doorstep.
To bring our project to life we need orders for our manufacturing partners to start production. It is our vision when after we launch for customers to go to and click on the picture of the bed, select your favorite fabric and color for the left side of the bed, and repeat the process for “the other side” of the bed.  Your sheets will be custom made, packaged, and shipped for you to enjoy a no-compromise night of sleep in just a few short days.

With My Side and Yours you never have to compromise a good night sleep again when you have “one sheet and two fabrics!”

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