"My mother says..."

Old Wives’ Tales exist in every culture and are so common that sometimes are taken as the truth, or rather accepted and followed despite their usually incredulous nature.




“My Mother Says…”, a proudly Singaporean production-to-be, is a book we want to put together from tales of our friends and families documenting old wives tales captured in short quotes and light-hearted photography. These tales have probably been told to us so many times yet the logic behind some of them is overshadowed by their incredulous nature.



We want to create a collection that many can relate to and to spark conversation or reminiscence amongst family and friends from a perspective within our tiny island of Singapore.  We hope that through photography and short quotes, people are able to relive their versions of stories and memories of these tales and as well enjoy the tales of other cultures.



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Where in the project are we


We’re almost done with the shoot but the main bulk of the cost comes from the printing of the book so we hope that If you like this project that we’re doing, do support us when our campaign opens in the next couple of weeks.

We maintain a facebook for "My mother says..." to document our progress including some behind the scenes shots, do pop by to have a laugh with us!


Something about us


PLUS Collaboratives is a multidisciplinary design collective. We are a group of friends; like-minded in attitude towards design; divergent in interest towards design yet with a common belief the creative mind is strengthened through diversity and collaboration. Heavily influenced and intrigued by architecture, we hope to infuse its valuable notions into a larger realm of design. We deal with a more intangible counterpart to architecture: the programme, the branding & identity as well as graphics of the project. As a Design Thinking Studio, we hope to explore opportunities for applications of design merits in various mediums across various subjects. (www.plus-collaboratives.com.)

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