My Father's Diary
My Father's Diary


In My Father's Diary you have to search for the diary of your father, which needs to be destroyed because of it's content. Your father collected things about paranormal things and he wrote everything down in his diary. One day he got crazy and shot your whole family and then himself. You were lucky, you thought you were lucky, but you accidently noticed "him". The only way to stop "him" is to destroy your father's diary, which is hidden in the game world. You have to stop "him" before someone reads this diary - that will let "him" into the world.

You will face an intelligent AI, beautiful environments and frightening events that will teach you the true meaning of fear.

*The story is about 6 hours long


In the Multiplayer part of the game, which takes place in big areals like a forest or a manor, you can group up with friends or play online with other users. One of you will play a demon who has to hunt down the survivors which have to do certain things/events on the map to escape (or kill you). You can place traps or kill them brutally. You can fear them to death!

*The multiplayer beta is going to be after the singleplayer closed beta. If you preordered a pack with a closed beta access you will get the multiplayer beta too. The mutliplayer will be a part of the final game. The multiplayer supports up to 8 person (1vs7).

*The Game: We can't give more information at this point, because it could happen that we want to make some significant changes to the gameplay -> we would break our promises :). We will post more and more information over the time, with some screenshots that are showing the development process of the game. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are an Indie developer team:

The whole project started as a little hobby - just for fun. We wanted to make a game for a Youtuber we like and so on. It all started with some testing and experimenting with the Unity 5 engine and the transmission to the Unreal Engine 4. To this point we financed everything by ourself, but at some point you are definitely going to have a bottleneck. You can't create a special game feature or better graphics without the right funding for example. So we decided to put this project on kickstarter and see what we can get here :). If this campaign is going to be successful, we can realize all our ideas that we have. We can give you a true psychological horror game experience. Yeah - We could try to partner with a publisher, but we fear about loosing our freedom for the game.

What will exactly happen with your money?:

You have the right to know what we are exactly going to do with your money. So, let's look at a few points here.

40 % - Game design/ Environment
30 % - Gameplay (AI, Controller etc.)
10 % - Sounds
10% - Developing of the Multiplayer part*
10% - Expected fees
*The multiplayer part will use some of the environments of the singleplayer campaign. The multiplayer is the part of the game where you can scare your friends. Some of the money will be used to pay the Steam Greenlight fee.

Be a part of the game:

Kickstarter give us the opportunity to communicate with you. You can express your feelings to every post thanks to social media platforms.

If you like our work, please share this kickstarter link to your friends to show them our project.

Our team is just 2 persons big. But, no worries. We think that we can create something really big with your help. Before we started with our project, we had much experience with developing scripts. We learned how to make environments and AI's with Unity. After we switched to the Unreal Engine 4 it was much easier. The blueprint system of the Unreal Engine is very comfortable and clearer - Thank you, Epic Games!

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