My book: How to be human could help millions of people heal
My book: How to be human could help millions of people heal

This project has already launched.

How to be human is unique, simple and straight to the point, filled with valuable information, tools and references on how to live life.
Balboa Press thinks my book (which is with the publisher right now) can reach and help millions of people world wide. And so do I. But I need your help to market this, so we can make it happen! 

48% of all profit made for this book will go to Liberate Your Soul, an non for profit organisation to help young people reconnect to themselves, others and the universe. 

About the book:  
How to be human is an honest and true story of thirty-three year old social worker Annelieke, who struggled with life after witnessing the death of her grandfather in her childhood. Trauma that lead to depression, anxiety and addiction. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder created chronic pain and suffering in her life for 24 years. Annelieke’s persistent drive for growth and search for happiness, helped her to find the tools she needed to heal her trauma. Bit by bit, using the skills and knowledge she gained through her work, Annelieke regained the love for herself and for life. In How to be human, she shares her story and the information in unique and easy to understand way. How to be human is a simple and straight to the point book, filled with valuable information, tools and references on how to live a life filled with love, ease and purpose.

Preview from foreword:
I have written this book to help you find your truth. Every human being in this world is unique, and it’s our uniqueness that is our strength. It is what makes this world so beautiful. Unfortunately, many of us have grown up to see this as a flaw. We have learned to ‘adjust’, so that we fit in with the beliefs that are fed to us about ourselves and the world. Many of us have grown up to believe there is only one truth and one reality. You might have been raised in a certain religion, that has enforced upon you that that religion is the only true one. Or you have been brought up in a family where you were taught that certain groups in our society are better than others. My view is that everyone’s reality is different, and therefore everyone’s truth is different. I am not here to tell you what your truth is. I merely offer you information and tools that I hope will help you discover your own truth, as they did for me and many of my clients. There is no right or wrong truth, or only one way to see reality. Everyone’s reality is equally true and important. Just because you might not understand another person’s reality and perceptions, does not mean that your reality is the better or only one. I have encountered many ‘awakened’ people and ‘spiritual leaders’ who preached their truth. Because they awakened and found their connection to self and the universe or god, they think they have figured out the one path that is the right path. There is not one path. There are many paths that lead to the same thing. No one can tell you what your path is, as they are not you. You are unique. There is only one of you, and only you know what feels right for you. Others can tell you their stories of how they got through difficult times, and it might help you. Or it might not. Your intuition, your body knows what feels right. Trust that feeling. I encourage you to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Never take on anything anyone tells you, without thinking about whether and how this information might fit into your world. Do not take anything in this book on as your truth, just because it is written down. Be critical, reflect upon the new information you are about the receive. Take only that what fits with you and your uniqueness. Only then, will you achieve what has inspired me to write this book in the first place: to rediscover your true self and live a life filled with love, ease and purpose.

Risks and challenges
Balboa Press is currently undergoing content evaluation and editing. The want the book published in Novemeber 2017, so it can be marketed worldwide for xmas and appear in the worldwide Hayhouse Xmas Catalogue.
There are no challenges or risks. I require a minimum of $8000 AUD to market this book worldwide before xmas 2107. This is the perfect time to get this book out there! All I ask is that you trust and support me from a loving open heart and karma will look after you.

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