MX Imprint Grips
MX Imprint Grips

We successfully launched our first product Imprint Grips back in 2016 and that was all down to yourselves on Kickstarter.

Over the last couple of years we have been busy further refining the Imprint Grip and we are now ready to branch out into other avenues. We have received lots of interest from people wanting mouldable grips for their motorbikes so we decided we would start this project to enable us to get the product off the ground.

Why use Imprint Grips?

Imprint Grips are moulded by you to the size, shape and grasp of your own hands. You instantly have maximum contact between your hand and your motorbike and the contact is supported evenly; removing all high pressure points and providing the perfect grip shape for you. 

Before and After Moulding of Imprint Pro Grips 
Before and After Moulding of Imprint Pro Grips


Imprint Advantages

  • Maximum Contact
  • Maximum Control
  • Maximum Performance

 What type of riding?

MX Imprint Grips will fit any 7/8" handlebar/throttle sleeve, just mould them and fit them just like you would with any other conventional glue on grip.  These grips have been designed for superbikes, MX bikes, ATV's and Jet Ski's but the simple design means that they will fit any 7/8" handlebar (i.e. bicycle, scooter etc).

Nick Gennusa - ATV 
Nick Gennusa - ATV


Thomas Clement - Jet Ski 
Thomas Clement - Jet Ski

How to Mould Imprint Grips (its easy!) 

 Full moulding instructions will be supplied with your grips.  

The above gives a good idea of how quick and easy it is! 

MX Imprint Grips Features

Dual layer grip featuring Imprint Technology

Easy mould polymer sleeve

Length = 100mm

Weight = ~ 120 grams (per grip)

Your In Safe Hands

Since our original Kickstarter we have been busy refining our Imprint Technology and fine tuning our production techniques.

We have been listening to all the awesome feedback from our devoted supporters and over the last 12 months we have been developing the prototypes for the MX Imprint Grips.  As you can see above, our grips are being used by some of the best in the business and to make the MX Imprint Grips a reality we only need to manufacture the tooling and injection moulds for production.

Nick Gennusa - Imprint Grips 
Nick Gennusa - Imprint Grips

Visit our Imprint Grips shop at to find out more...

Thanks from all at TMR designs!

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