Mutology is a brand new strategy card game that transforms players into Mutologists, bioengineers obsessed with creating extraordinary creatures in their laboratories. Players will fire Radiation cards at their Specimens, and depending on what combinations of Radiation they're exposed to, Specimens will turn into one of two unique Mutants. Some Mutants are hyper aggressive, others have defense mechanisms, and some manipulate the way you or your opponent can play the game! You collect Research Points at the start of each turn for every Mutant you have in play, and the first player to 10 points wins.  



Players are encouraged to mix and match the independent variables of their decks to discover new and interesting interactions between the MutantsDevicesProcedures, and Lab Assistants they put into them. Featuring amazing artwork and thoughtful mechanics, Mutology equips players with unlimited potential, as every card in the game can be available to them. There is no rarity; there are no drafts. Anyone with a copy of the game is on equal footing for a scientific breakthrough. 


Players mutate their Specimens by firing one of three kinds of Radiation, (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Rays) at their Specimen cards. Each Specimen card comes with a unique ingredient list called "mutation requirements." Alone, Radiation cards give perks to the Specimen such as boosting their Power or Stability. Whenever a Specimen has met one of its mutation requirements, they would mutate into the corresponding Mutant card, which would wait outside of play until this moment. 

  The Mutology card game is flexible in its nature: you and your opponent may have the same Mutant in play, but built  in a completely different way. Radiation are the pieces of the Mutant puzzle, and you can continue to strengthen your Mutant in different ways after the transformation. This insures that no two games are quite the same. 

Apart from Specimens and Mutants, player can build Devices like the Electric Coil and the Transmogrifier, or use Procedures like Stroke of Genius and ExtractionLab Assistants like the MedicTechnician, and Researcher can lend their talents to you throughout the game as well. There are two zones of play in which cards can be placed: the Field zone and the Lab zone. These cards behave differently in each zone, so Mutology games always have a bit of tactical placement strategy involved.

$1 or $5 will get you access to the Mutology print-and-play for the base set! Try the game out before upping your pledge level. You could also receive an MP3 download along with the print-and-play if you pledge $5 or more. 

$25 will get you the base set: the Mutology Kit, which contains 110 cardsa point tracker10 Concentration tokens, a rulebook, and 20 damage tokens. The Mutology Kit has been thoroughly playtested, 100% illustrated and will be ready to go as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends. See international shipping additions.

$40 will get backers the Base Set along with the Genius Pack, which explains the containment procedures and behaviors of many of the Mutants that appear in the game! See international shipping additions. 

$55 will get you everything above plus a playmat specially made for Mutology games. This playmat highlights the Field and Lab zones of play, adding a layer of depth to your games while keeping everything organized. See international shipping additions.

More rewards are available as well: you could receive multiple copies of the game, become a noted Mutologist, even receive one of the original copies of the game!

 As of right now, the Base Set is at 110 cards. If we raise more money than the manufacturers requirewe can increase the number of cards in the box and add expansions to the Base Set! Every card included in these expansions have been playtested and fixed: they simply didn't make the cut for the Base Set because of their quirky abilities. 

 We need at least 1,000 units sold for a print run, which has dictated every asking price at each reward tier. By pledging what you can and sharing this project with friends and family, I'm confident we can bring this game to life. If more than 1,000 units of the Base Set are sold, the cost to manufacture each unit decreases significantly. This means we can squeeze even more content in to the Mutology Kit.






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