Must-have Mobile App features in a Business app
Must-have Mobile App features in a Business app

By the end of 2017, at the least, it is quite clear that mobile apps are much-needed lifeline for a business, and in today’s era, skipping on a mobile app for your business is just not an option. This is because of two reasons: first, loyal customers and users have become habituated to using simpler means of connecting and communicating with their favourite brand, in regard to which, mobile apps development has emerged as an irreplaceable solution. Second, business leaders, including the biggest ones, have identified mobile apps as one of the most economical one-stop solution for most of their marketing needs, and by now, it’s apparent that we only have a handful of companies in the market that have entered without a mobile app. So, in a way, a mobile app is truly an asset from both customer and business perspective.

Up to this point, we have discussed the importance of a mobile app for a business, and I am pretty sure you are acquainted with its importance by now. But is being acquainted enough? Would using the most basic features and calling it a mobile app do any good to your business establishment? Certainly not. Times have changed, and so have the features and functionalities users look for in an app. Not having the desired and trending features in an app could cost your business a fortune, because the effects of it are two-way. In order to not let that happen, don’t forget to include these features in the mobile app you are planning to get done for your business:

Artificial Intelligence

Receiving product suggestions based on purchase history, shopping habits, and search patterns is not less than magic for a generic customer. And who doesn’t like magic!

AI has been one of the most dynamic trends in the past couple of years, and the growth it has achieved in this period is enormous. Mobile apps have played a big role in getting people a taste of AI in the simplest way possible, by making them acquainted with the way AI works and affects their lives. In fact, most of the e-commerce platforms reached out to artificial intelligence development companies to improve the search and shopping experience for the users. Following the trend, other mobile apps have also adopted AI, as a result of which most of the app solutions have integrated AI protocols. And as we have entered 2018, we are about to witness undisputed growth in AI, and having an AI-integrated app becomes important in order to participate in the changing digital scenarios.

Payment Options

Having a lot of payment option eliminates the possibility of a customer abandoning your product because they had a MasterCard, while your app supported only Visa, and vice versa. Catch the drift? With cashbacks and promotional deals being offered so many payment and remittance apps, an entrepreneur must consider all the popular e-wallet and electronic payments channels and duly include them in their app. In India, some of the biggest electronic wallet companies are Paytm, PhonePe, Airtel Money and more, which a mobile app development companies cannot ignore, or the business would be losing out a big chunk of profit. Other than that, two of the most popular payment system that have come up are Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, to completely replace debit/credit cards, by creating virtual copies of it on your phone. Including these options may not be necessary, but would give your brand a more professional front by retaining elite customers as Apple and Samsung Pay technology is something to be found only in high-end devices for now.


Social Login and Integration

You would rarely find an app that is successful and asks users to login manually, without the help of social login. Social media integration started out as a cool feature that links your app with your social media account. Not of much use back then; in present day, social media integration is being used by most of the apps that require user information before they could use it, by conveniently letting a user to register mostly in two taps. Not only this brings ease of access for the user, it allows the mobile app to collect more relevant data to serve the customer with personalized recommendations and reach out to their circle as well, which means better lead generation. 

Customer Feedback

Big businesses have failed in the event of not having an optimum customer care and feedback interface, which sort of resonates with the fact that it is not the size of the business that matters, it is the quality of service that does. A well-configured customer feedback mechanism would always help a business in retaining their customers. If possible, businesses must also have an active helpline number embedded in the app itself to enable people in seeking quick help.

With these features in your business app, you can be assured at least about the mobile platform. But then, you can’t be assured for too long because some of these features may change. For example – Artificial Intelligence is set to grow by leap and bounds, but this trend might change once AI touches saturation. So the key is to keep an eye out for new trends and features in the field of apps development.

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