Musician Matchmaker-  Hooking Fans up with talented Bands & Musicians!
Musician Matchmaker- Hooking Fans up with talented Bands & Musicians!

Help give Independent Artists what they need most; real exposure and step by step guides for navigating the music industry & building successful music careers, independently!

The Music Industry is in the middle of a transformation.  Musicians now have the ability to build a music career that can provide enough income to make music their full time job. There are many ways for musicians to promote and sell their work online.


We're a team of music enthusiasts who saw a need for a better way for Musicians to connect with music fans all over the world.  The goal is to create an outlet for unknown artists to have a fair shot at establishing a career with their music.  We do this in a few ways.  The site’s social network helps artists build their fan base, promote events and share videos with fans who are looking for music in their favorite genres. ExtremeLiveMusic’s social network is up and running with over 1,000 members. was designed to make it easy to discover high quality music in the genre that each fan likes most. The ExtremeLiveMusic network will stream live music and entertainment on many channels that are easily navigated so every fan can tune in to their favorite shows organized by genre.


Next, our mission is to be a trusted source that guides artists step by step toward developing and maintaining successful careers. We’re working to bring all of the infinite tools the internet provides and rein them into one, easy to understand, step by step guide.  Our strategies will be constantly updated so that only the best and most relevant information is displayed. The video forums are organized by experience level. This way, artists can find exactly where they should start building upon their current fan base and online music sales.  The layout and quality could be compared to except on very specific topics regarding music marketing, produciton, home recording, and promotional strategeis.


Last, we partnered with an amazing Indie Record Label and are working to sign artists who are talented, dedicated and passionate about success in the music industry.  


Here’s our story...


In August 2010, while serving tables and attending Florida State University, Faye Nicolette set out to create a social network that would help musicians promote their work in a way that would earn them new fans rather than just new “likes” or “views”.  After discussing the vision for the site with friends, she figured it would be up and running in a few months. Two years worth of blood sweat and web development, she had a site that was ready for members!  


In April of 2012, soon after graduating from Florida State,  Faye moved to St.. Petersburg, FL where she met Stacey Xenidis; a creative, talented and highly experienced web developer. Stacey supported the sites purpose and to this day often refuses to accept payment for her work.

Recently, the team wanted to expand their ability to help artists by adding video focused forums & valuable tips to assist Musicians in developing their careers.  There was only one problem;  they needed an extremely knowledgeable professional who would know how to separate the valuable information from the fluff.  In an attempt to gain knowledge to share with our members, Faye signed up for a Music Marketing seminar hosted by Tony Rockliff, a local Producer & Music Marketing guru.  After discussing, Faye and Tony realized they had very similar goals. Tony was working on similar projects, all aimed at helping artists successfully navigate the music industry.  He volunteered to become the newest member of the team by contributing his years of research into artist development, production and music marketing.

"What makes us different is our goal to support independent artists by building a site around promotion, networking, free exposure and access to valuable strategies for building successful music careers." Faye Nicolette, Founder

Access ExtremeLiveMusic’s social network is free to all visitors, allowing artists to connect with new fans and industry professionals. These connections help to build a fan base, establish contacts and learn marketing secrets that could significantly contribute to their success.

Why do we need funding?  Most people agree that the site is great and that it has so much potential. We want to allow artists to control the value of their work and help them discover the tools that successful Musicians are using in the new music industry. Every donation is rewarded and will be put to use effectively to make significant contributions to the functionality and content of the site!

Feel free to check out the detailed breakdown of all of the great things we are working to accomplish. We will have much more information posted on our Indiegogo campaign along with videos, interviews and so much more!



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