Music Videos for Damen's 2 new singles
Music Videos for Damen's 2 new singles

This project has already launched.

Hello friends and music lovers! For those who don’t know me, I'm Damen Easton. I’m currently recording an album which I plan to release this summer. 

 I’ve finished the first 2 singles and am very excited about them! These are the best work I’ve done, in terms of writing, performance, and recording. They were recorded with fantastic producer Chris King of Moonpalace Productions. 

I’m making this Kickstarter because I want to shoot music videos for these songs, so that they can have a really proper release. The goal is to have music videos finished for both songs in January so that I can release and promote them that month. I’ve made the goal $3000 because this would make it possible to record at least 1 video. Of course, I hope to do 2 videos and, beyond that, PR and promotion. So, anything raised beyond the goal will be extremely helpful as well! Below, I will detail exactly where the money will be allocated, should I raise beyond the goal.

I can’t wait to share this music and these videos with all of you. I got a lot of positive feedback from the backers who supported my first album and I assure you that this material far surpasses that. I think I’ve managed to make it more accessible and current while also being more artistically satisfying. So I’m really looking forward to delivering it to you. Thank you!

Should money be raised beyond the goal, it will go toward:

-The second music video

-Any extra music video costs that come up (or just making a more ambitious video)



-Recording and promoting the rest of the album

What it will not go towards:




-A beagle 

-10 beagles 

-A ranch property for my 50 beagles to roam free, dig holes, and feast on the raw steaks I throw them.

If you’d like to send me money for any of those things, you should use Venmo @Damen-Easton

JK, I don’t want those things. Except the beagles and maybe the brunch. But seriously, you can send me money if you like.

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