Music Sensitive LED Infinity Party Table

March 2014, 475

Light up your events with our music grooving, LED flashing, pure awesomeness, party table.

Designed to be the last beer pong table you will ever need. Perfect for parties, bars, or any social event where there will be people and drinking. Add some music and it becomes its very own light show. Sporting a full steel frame, with removable legs and a folding center, the Infinity Glow is a robust portable beer pong table that will be the center of attention.

Infinity Glow Features


Infinity Glow: LED Beer Pong Table with more features then you can count (on one hand).
Infinity Glow: LED Beer Pong Table with more features then you can count (on one hand).

Infinity Mirror

Illusions to keep your guests entertained all night. We use special mirrors that reflect the light to create a trippy illusion of looking into endless space... or being sucked into a wormhole... analogies may vary. For best results, please gaze on the table in person.


Beer Pong, IN SPACE!
Beer Pong, IN SPACE!

Infrared Music Controller

Start a dance floor around a beer pong table? Why not. Tables come with a pair of infrared remote controls that sets the color and mode for the lights. The controller has a party-licious mode that flashes the lights to the beat of the surroundings, an opening event favorite.



Metal Construction - Regulation Sized

Use it for tournaments and other organized events. Don't you hate it when your sumo wrestler friend goes a little overboard on the sake and ends up flattening your brand new beer pong table? Happens to us all the time, we don't invite that guy anymore. We also designed our tables with a non-rust steel frame that will survive the craziest parties. The tables are tournament regulation dimensions with a length of 8 ft and 2 ft wide.


We can repel drunkpower of that magnitude
We can repel drunkpower of that magnitude

Detachable Legs and Folding Center with Magnetic Locking

Need to host elsewhere? Take it with you cause it fits in the trunk. Six super sturdy screw on (off?) legs that detach and clip under the table for storage. Table folds in the center to compact down to 48 x 24 x 4 inches. Magnets on each end connect to keep table closed during transport. Science!

Great for Bars, Clubs, Parties, Frat Houses, Man caves, you name it.





Why we need your help:

Our biggest challenge is the upfront costs of setting up an assembly line. We have spent the past 18 months developing our concept and finalizing the production version. In order to bring our idea to market we would need to pay for construction of steel frames, buy the various components in bulk, and then invest in an assembly line to put it all together. All the plans are in place but we need your support to product the first manufactured Infinity Glow. The production version will be superior to anything we could build in our little workshop, so althrough it will look similar, it will be of unsurpassed quality.


Fill out the NOTIFY ME section at the top of this page with your email and we will let you know of updates and when we launch. We need your help and support get this project in the air!

Also share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more following we have the better our chances when we launch the funding campaign. Thanks for your support!


It's launched.

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