Duorey-Find friends, Find music. Recommend music by peopel who have the same taste
Duorey-Find friends, Find music. Recommend music by peopel who have the same taste

Duorey- Meet up the music!

 As Thanksgiving is around the corner, anyone who leave a comment below and sign up in our website ((www.duorey.com) for our beta test, will get $ 5 bucks award!!! Don't miss the chance!

Share and Search millions of playlists with the world. Have Fun! (www.duorey.com )

Everybody needs music, but we may are tired of gettting recommendation from Billboards or what we listen before .  Nobody want to live in a "box".

Duorey introduce a great way to share music with others. It do more with playlist

and get involved in more social intercourse. We can share and add songs to same playlist with others. Anyone who try to get recommendation or have new music discovery can share song to related playlist. we can get closer with others and share music with someone who have the same taste.  is it a sound idea? music mixed with social contact. Come to join us!

Meanwhile, if you are seeking some songs that is totally different from wha you listen, Duorey is a soud idea. Just choose some playlist you are interested, you will open a door to a different world.

When growing up, we ususally had a great group of close friends whose common bond was music. We may try to outdo the others by introducing a new album or artist the rest of us never heard of and would ultimately enjoy. Do you want to find friends like us? Duorey will never make you disappointed.

What' more, we can easily get various music source like SoudCloud and iTunes. You will not miss any trend or sound with Duorey.

Website: www.duorey.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Duorey/993002840725693

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuoRey

Email: support@duorey.com

Rules: leave a comment and sign up in our website for the beta test, send your paypal account to rebecca@duorey.com. 



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