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Hello Amora is a 7-piece band that has formed a family. We aim to spread positive and relatable messages through our music. We've put our all into this project, and due to lack of transportation, we've had some struggles and set-backs getting on the road. We are currently in the studio recording a full length album, which only excites us more to connect with fans at a greater distance. Below is a compiled list of limited edition merch and interactive experiences with yours truly. We would like you to know that each pledge is a driving factor in helping us achieve our dreams and that we are forever grateful for all the support we receive. We need your help to keep pushing, but we thank you forever for helping us get this far. Sincerely, - Hello Amora

Fun ways to get involved

We are hopeful that reaching $15,000 is an achievable goal. With this money we can finally afford a van/trailer to get our silly butts on the road.  We have thought of over a dozen rewards to express our gratitude. 

Some of the crazier one's include a tattoo of your choice on various members butt-cheeks. You get a skype call with that member to discuss what your dream image would be and personal letter highlighting the experience. 

Another option is to get up close and personal with us, have us come play a personal house show for you and your closest friends, along with a complete merchandise package and unlimited shows for one year.   

You also have the opportunity to get your best "DERP FACE" printed on an official Hello Amora T-shirt that we will sell to all of our fans at our merch table. These are only a few of the fun rewards we have in store for you. Please follow the kitten inspired diagram below for more details on other great offers.

DISCLAIMER: We regret to inform you (Kittens are not included, and our campaign is in no way related to Hello Kitty) 

If the entire goal is not met, we are still going to do everything in our power to get on the road. This campaign is to help ease our struggle, but if this flops we are still going to keep pushing to make our dreams a reality. Somehow we will find a means to get Hello Amora to your city. We promise to make good on all rewards to our backers, as we don't want to let any of our fans down. We care about you, and you come first.




The Impact

Having a Van/Trailer on our own will give us the confidence to reach out to other bands/promoters and book shows in various cities. Being able to independently transport our gear and ourselves without relying on rides from friends/family or even rent-a-truck would make life that much life easier and we could increase our activity and overall reach as a band. Summer festivals is something we have always wanted to be a part of, and it kills us when fans ask us to visit and we have no way to make it there. We feel like we are missing opportunities and it's making us very sad panda's...



Other Ways You Can Help

If you don't have money to contribute, we hope you can still find creative ways to be involved and support Hello Amora. Whether it is simply sharing this link or the video itself. Sharing it on any of your social networking sites, or even on sites of investors or local music scene pages. 

Remember the power of "word of mouth". Feel free to make some noise about our cause and how sincere we are about taking the next big step. Indie-Go-Go has a bunch of share tools that can help you along the way. This contest ends June 18th, 2014
We hope this campaign shows a glimpse of our personality. Please wish us luck on our journey, and how hard we are willing to work for it. 
- Hello Amora

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