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Muse Piano Academy Online

This project has already launched.

Hello Everyone! I'm Raphaelita and I started Muse Piano Academy in 2007 because of my love for music and a love of teaching students, since then I've taught hundreds of students all around the country.

How? Well that's because I am a military spouse and I understand first hand the difficulties in keeping up with private lessons and that's why I'm launching Muse Piano Academy Online. These piano lessons are for everyone and are especially for homeschooled and military students.

It's the online version of my piano studio private lessons but now you'll be able to learn from home!

Each lesson is designed to be complete on its own or to supplement your child's current private piano lessons!

Why online piano lessons? Two reasons, Flexibility and Affordability!

You can donate anything you like but for those who are looking specifically for a reward here are our donation rewards:

$200 = 1 year student membership ( $100 for additional student) $300 = 2 year student membership ( $150 for additional student) $500 = 3 year student membership ( $250 for additional student) $1,000 = lifetime membership  (only 100 available)

Bonus features: 1. Lifetime level: students will receive free monthly private lessons at Muse Piano Academy - Location (Pennsylvania) [includes level $500 and $200 bonuses]

2. $500 level: students will receive access to piano apps. (Includes level $200 bonuses)

3. $200 level: student will receive one year access to all piano lessons materials and private support group.

We will only be offering lifetime subscriptions during our Kickstarter campaign, so back us now for your chance to get a great piano education at an unbelievable price!

You no longer have to put off piano lessons for your family! Save thousands of dollars now by paying for online lessons today!






Who is it for?

  • Everyone! 
  • Schools
  • Piano Teachers & Music Teachers Homeschoolers 
  • Teen & Adult Students 
  • Parents
  • Kids 

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When you pledge, you can also:

Add Student Profiles: If you have multiple students in one household, you may upgrade your pledge to allow additional students to create profiles within one shared account at our discount rate.

Muse Piano Academy Online will be launched 2020! *(We are a small team so this advanced tuition payment will allow us to create an amazing online platform for you and your children)

Our lifetime membership will not last long so please don't pass up on this fantastic opportunity!

Thank you for supporting US!

Raphaelita Justice 

Pianist and Owner of Muse Piano Academy 

Learn more about us!

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