Munich Artists Playing Cards
Munich Artists Playing Cards

This project has already launched.

We are making Munich Artists Playing Cards and getting people together at an event called 500 Artists Play Cards to build a big card sculpture.

Munich Artists Playing Cards

The 2 created by Munich Artists - Alexandra Ritter
The 2 created by Munich Artists - Alexandra Ritter

Munich Artists created the playing card deck as a collaborative project for Munich based artists who participated in our 500 Artists Say Hello Event.

Our current Kickstarter is funding a deluxe deck which has a paper box designed by Elizabeth Hughes.

Party deck will come in a metal box
Party deck will come in a metal box

The deck above is the party deck.  It comes in a metal box because people who party tend to get messy and Germans hate messes.  Did you know that?  Being half German, Munich Artists is always looking for ways to make Germans and everyone else get along.  This box does just that.  It is the perfect melding of design and clean good fun and makes the German half of Munich Artists happy with the Latino half that is always stirring up trouble. (I'm talking about myself right now. - Munich artists the brand/group/website is 50% German artists and 50 percent artists from someplace else and not necessarily Spanish speaking.)

Elizabeth, an American from the south and required to live in Germany because of love, designed the card deck box and back of the cards.  She is a wonderfully creative individual. I know I'm oversharing about Elizabeth but what the heck, it isn't a secret and I want you to fund our cards so that we can print them and keep Elizabeth focused on her art history studies. (She is getting a masters in art history right now.)

The box for our Deluxe Munich Artists Cards
The box for our Deluxe Munich Artists Cards

All the artwork used for the Munich Artists Playing Cards was created by Munich Artists who live in Bavaria, an area of Germany known for beer and pretzels and pretty castles and now Munich Artists Playing Cards.

If you want to know more about me, the person writing this, you can check out my artsy site.  

Munich is a city that seeps into your soul and a city that seeped into our cards.  You might feel a little bit of this when you back our playing cards and play with them on a regular basis.

In fact, you may feel like you need to book a ticket to visit Munich, Germany and hang out at a beer garden or along the Isar with a cold local brew or with a few Munich Artists.  

If you back our kickstarter at the highest level, you get a logo widget on our site for a 3 months.  We have a niche website so most of the people visiting Munich Artists are looking for art which means they have taste of some level and will be happy to see your logo for something cool, new, innovative, design orientated or just super cool and Munich Artists website worthy.  We currently have a Sponsor logo on our site from the StadtSparkasse so you can see what your widget would look like if you decide to dig deep and help us out.

You can back our project and gift the logo to a startup you feel needs some help. Startup must be cool. What does cool mean for us? Email Emmy and we can have a chat. emmy at kyfio dot com.   


We are happy to have a nice deck of cards to share with you and hope you don't mind that only one guy is involved in the creation of this deck. He is super creative and very talented and we are happy to have his work on our cards.  (Artist Maximilian Lueckenhaus)

We have more than 600 artists who think of themselves as part of Munich Artists  in a loose and casual way. Only one guy in the group fit the criteria for making the playing cards and joined the project as the only male artist.

A feminist saw this and had a fit saying we were taking feminism in the wrong direction because we had too many women in the deck.  If this had been a deck of 12 guys and one women, I would not be addressing this fact.  

Munich Artists offers opportunties to everyone regardless of gender, art education or nationality as long as they are talented, building an art practice, fun to work with, productive and have the ability to follow directions.  

Elizbeth bravely curated the playing card deck. She picked artwork that meshed with her artwork and choose 12 artists from the 100 available options.*  Elizabeth has a very delicate style and she picked artwork that complemented her work.    

We have lots of awesome guys who make cool art and I'm so lucky to know them. The guys make street art (HNRX, Mr. Woodland, Der Blaue Vogel, Pyser, Loomit) they make graphic novels, they make installations (Allun Turner) they create light paintings (Lumenman) they take street photographs (Roy Hessing), they make dog portraits (Nir Avner),they make sculptures, they make pop art (Moran Haynal) and they make stylized female portraits (Ewald Wildtraut).  they also create movies, music,theatre productions, compositions, digital artwork and ceramics.

These guys were not picked for this project because their work did not fit in with this year's curation which required:

  • Art focused on Munich as the subject matter,
  • Participation in 500 Artists Say Hello art event.
  • Mesh with Elizabeth's art style. 
  • Agree to get compensated afterwards.
  • Sign a contract. (We had one artist booted because they would not sign a contract. Juicy story for an in-person conversation.)

NOW, please head over to our Kickstarter and fund our cards. Make all these women and one man happy and show the annoyed feminist that having a bunch of women and one man make a deck of cards doesn't bother you and should not be an issue in an art related project.


*Options - Artists were chosen from the artists who participated in the 500 Artists Say Hello Event.  12 out of 100 were chosen to participate in this project because they showed work in the group intallation.


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