Multi-utility Portable Premium WiFi Security Solution
Multi-utility Portable Premium WiFi Security Solution

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NAVIA works with the best VPN technology in the market powered by ZenMate® and most importantly, wirelessly. It is by far the simplest and easiest method of personal VPN that doesn’t require technical skills or training to set up for use. Perfect for normal folks and to top it off with a cherry, NAVIA even offers a 128GB encrypted storage and 13000+ mAh battery capacity as part of its features over its rivals, which will definitely come in handy. Help everyone to enjoy the Online Bodyguard.

NAVIA is a portable premium wifi security solution, that also unblocks geo-restricted content worldwide! It protects you and all your wireless devices from online threats and cyber attacks, wherever you are. Now, you can say goodbye to unsecure online surfing.

It is like a virtual shield that protect all your online data, as if they wear a body armor. 


Pre-Order your NAVIA, it’s time to let yourself take back the Internet freedom and protect your digital life and data. With NAVIA, you can say it’s none of your business to whatever and whoever play against your online private and secure experience. Please share, follow, comment, back or pledge our crowdfunding campaign links to your near and dear ones and help everyone enjoy the digital freedom. 

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