Multi Face Dress
Multi Face Dress

This project has already launched.

Add more dimensions to your day and personality!

Multi Face Dress: it's a simple dress that you could wear in 4 different ways by adding and changing its fronts. You save time, space and money, having four different looks, and you could change them everywhere you want to. So just choose your favorite front, attach it on your dress in a few minutes and go!

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How does it work? Just see our Dressing guide video below.

Our Brand

D-SIGN Returnity - designed for the contemporary woman, always busy but attentive to her image, shrewd in choosing her wardrobe that believes in the quality of the garments, and appreciates the aesthetic refinement. Because fashion for us is in constant motion.

In any proposal the ‘casual’ look combine itself to the ‘chic’ one and the ‘easy’ coexists with ‘sophisticated’’, allowing the development of multiple solutions to wear even at different times of the same day. 

D-SIGN Returnity thus becomes the expression of a style revolution that doesn’t stay in only one dimension, but it is in constant change. 

The Multi Face Dress is a part of the second spring/summer collection and for the first time we present this idea of transformable garments out of Italy. 
We've already tested the techniques, the fabrics and the comfort of this product and we work with a very professional team of seamstresses and pattern constructors, with our partners in the European Union, that has been operating for long years in the international market. 

Our challenge is to affirm the idea that every woman is special and free to choose and change. Bringing to life the entire transformable collection with different styles and accessories, we'll give our customers the 'instruments' to create their own look. 

Become a part of the projects and help us revolutionise women's everyday fashion lifestyle! Visit us at INDIEGOGO!

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