Mrs. Chompsallot
Mrs. Chompsallot

This project has already launched.

When Angela Thomas was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer she knew she could put her dreams aside no longer! It was time to grab the bull by it's horns, and not wait another second to bring out her first children's picture book, "Mrs. Chompsallot". So she's decided to leave behind her job as a stock broker, that she's held over the last three decades, in order to make that dream a reality. She's teaming up with renowned illustrator Jade Fang, to bring to life her humorous and whimsical tale about what lengths little Jacob will go to, in order to oust his new babysitter. Join us on our journey to bring "Mrs. Chompsallot" to a shelf near you!!

When Jacob finds himself stuck with Mrs. Higgins, his new nanny, he longs for the days when he was able to hang out with his mother all day long. So he decides to take matters in to his own hands and drive Mrs. Higgins away. Leaving his mother no choice but to stay at home with him. But, when his shenanigans fail to do the job, he takes things a bit too far by biting his babysitter!! At first, it seems to have worked, as Mrs. Higgins finally quits. But instead of getting what he wants in his mother staying home with him, he finds she only hires a new nanny. And this one is not the kind you want to bite, for fear she might bite you back! Her name is "Mrs. Chompsallot" and she's got a ferocious smile. Jacob soon discovers he's now victim of a scheme worthy of his own shenanigans!

Mrs. Chompsallot is a entertaining and imaginative story that showcases a valuable lesson of acceptance and respect. With whimsical illustrations and humorous situations, the reader is instantly drawn to the story's characters while they ascertain the secret identity of "Mrs. Chompsallot".

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