Donkeys & Dragons ??  Children's Stories Performed Audio MP3 Stage Plays
Donkeys & Dragons ?? Children's Stories Performed Audio MP3 Stage Plays

Tickling Dragon Theater offers parents and caregivers a NO SCREEN and MOBILE entertainment for preschoolers in MP3, AUDIO plays. Children’s classics stories performed in 25 minute stage plays, come alive with professional actors performing audio dramatizations from original scripts, accompanied by a full orchestra, songs and sound effects. TDT plays are easily downloadable MP3 files for listening on smart phones, mp3 players, tablets and computers.

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  THEN..................    Go to and download the FREE MP3 Play -  The Donkey, the Table and the Stick. An audio drama about a young suitor who sets out to seek his fortune and through hard work and perseverance is rewarded with unusual, but generous gifts. He is deceived by those he thought he could trust and smartly reveals their dishonest behavior in a surprising fashion. (A happy ending that especially delights and tickles young listeners.)

Our listeners have the best seat in the house . . . their own imaginations. 

TDT invites you and your child to engage your imaginations by dreaming and discovering new characters and adventures,  cast the actors, design the costumes, sets, scenery and props.   Just snuggle up, listen and experience journeys together or let your child listen on their own when out and about driving, shopping, waiting for doctors or your food to be served in a restaurant.

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