Moxy & Zen Underwear
Moxy & Zen Underwear

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Imagine a fabric softer than cashmere, more moisture absorbent and durable than cotton, and more breathable than linen. Now imagine underwear made from such a fabric, tested on hundreds of bodies to perfect the fit and is available in fun patterns to inspire your inner nerd.

Prepare your body for the most moxy-inspiring, zen-inducing underwear you will ever know!


From the funky undie exterior, to the comfort of your posterior, we knew that to make our product stand out in a crowded market, we needed to put a shocking amount of time and energy into getting the basics right.

We've set up numerous underwear tests, contests, and giveaways. We've given customers free undies for the sole purpose of getting our undies on as many butts as possible. We got the feedback we needed that assured us our product really is the greatest undie humanity has ever known.

Moxy and Zen underwear is made with bamboo viscose, a fabric so soft and breathable, your cotton underwear will feel like plastic bags with leg holes after wearing our undies. 

Bamboo viscose is so efficient at circulating air that it will keep your nether regions a degree or two cooler than wearing any other type of fabric.

It's also extremely moisture absorbent. It wicks moisture away from your skin before odor-causing bacteria has a chance to wreak havoc. Even after a long day in the office or traveling, Moxy & Zen undies will leave you feeling fresh, making them perfect for workaholics, travelers, hikers, or binge gamers.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. 

- George Bernard Shaw  

It's the little things in life that really matter. We wanted our underwear to be super comfortable with fun patterns in the hopes that they would bring a small smile at the start of a long day and be one of the reliable little things that helps people keep on keeping on.

We wanted fun and nerdy underwear patterns that we couldn't find anywhere else. All of our women's and men's undies will be available in these patterns:






We want to make a lot of patterns. Help us get there by sharing this Kickstarter page with your friends because the more support we have, the more exclusive underwear patterns and designs can become available!










Our fabric is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and grown from USDA Organic bamboo. Our underwear are hypoallergenic and guaranteed to contain no harmful chemicals or toxins, they are safe for infants and those with sensitive skin.


In our quest to create the greatest undie, we researched many fabrics and were particularly surprised at how bad cotton was for the environment. So much so that we vowed to never sell cotton products.    

For starters, cotton is grown on 2.4% of the world's farmlands, but accounts for nearly 25% of all pesticides sold around the world! That works out to nearly 500 000 tonnes of pesticideused on cotton each year. There is a lot of energy and money needed to spray that much pesticide over that much farm land.

How much pesticide is that?
How much pesticide is that?

Cotton is also a very thirsty plant, it needs 5 bathtubs of water to grow enough cotton for 1 pair of men's boxer briefs. And because it is uprooted after every harvest, the soil loses nutrients, forcing farmers to use a lot of fertilizer. Worst still, compared to bamboo, you need 60 hectares of cotton to produce enough fabric material as 1 hectare of bamboo.

Cotton needs 60x more land to grow the same amount of fabric material as bamboo
Cotton needs 60x more land to grow the same amount of fabric material as bamboo

Long story short, we spent a lot of time looking at cotton and other fabrics and concluded that cotton is a bad option for anyone looking to be eco-friendly. We wrote an article about this on Medium if you want to know more.

Moxy & Zen underwear use waistbands that are designed to last and keep their form. Even after years of wear, they will not roll when you're bending or lose their stretch. They are soft and have no tags or unneeded stitching to keep your waist irritation-free and feeling good!

We don't use tags on the insides of our waistbands as we find they can sometimes cause irritation. They're also an unnecessary expense and don't add to the comfort or functionality of underwear. Our washing instructions are ironed on and guaranteed to be unnoticeable.

We really don't like the concept of branding/ads on underwear, especially the names of old men. We don't put any branding on our waistbands because we think the world has enough ads, we don't need more on your bum, even if it's from a super awesome brand like Moxy & Zen.

Our undies have been tested on thousands of butts. We've collected feedback by awkwardly asking every customer and beta tester all kinds of questions about underwear. As a result, we've made several product iterations to get our undies to fit right and feel great.

Our men's line has been tweaked repeatedly to become what we think is the peak of men's underwear development. 

Our women's underwear has been tested on all kinds of lady shapes and sizes. We've given away dozens of free samples, done comparative product analyses, and gathered feedback from various surveys and focus groups. We've added a bit more fabric to the butt than a typical woman's undie to minimize the risk of butt crack exposure and to provide more support for your bottom. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!


We use flatlock stitching throughout. All our stitching is guaranteed to be unnoticeable and irritation-free. 

We iron on our washing label and don't use potentially irritating tags either sewn into seams, or on the waistband. Moxy & Zen undies were built to maximize comfort by ignoring non-essential features.


As any seasoned globetrotter will tell you, traveling light is key. Not only are Moxy & Zen underwear light weight, but they're so breathable they'll keep you fresh for days. This allows you to save pack space while inducing zen no matter where you find yourself.

When it comes to travel, quality > quantity.

We've worked so hard on these undies and are so confident we got the secret to zen-inducing undies down that we'll refund any backers who aren't happy with their Moxy & Zen underwear within 60 days!  


We have sizes small to xx large available for both men and women. Check out our sizing chart below to find out exactly what that means..

To measure your waist, use a tape measure and measure around the most narrow part of your torso. If you are in-between sizes, size up for a looser fit, or down to keep things snug. 

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website. Project creators (like us) put their project up and try to raise funds by promising backers something in exchange for the funding. In our case, we're trying to raise $30,000CAD to kick start our underwear brand.  

By backing us, you're not only helping a small biz get off the ground, but we'll send you the greatest underwear humanity has known at a great price once we've made our first batch. Here's a breakdown of our rewards and prices, note that these are Kickstarter prices that are only available during this campaign:

All prices in Canadian Dollars
All prices in Canadian Dollars

On Kickstarter, if projects meet their funding goal, everyone who made a pledge pays at the end of the funding campaign, and the creator delivers the goods. If the funding goal isn't met, no one pays or gets anything. So give us a shot, back us today and we promise you'll love the undies we're making :D

We started off as Buddha Boxers and launched our first Kickstarter selling men's boxer briefs in early 2017. We didn't know what to expect and were blown away by the support and feedback we got.  

But since then, the feedback from women was overwhelming and very clear: They wanted the most comfortable undies too. And so, we set out to make the world's most amazing panties.     

We weren't happy with simply making the most comfortable underwear, we also wanted them to look awesome and be a way to express ourselves, even if no one else can see.

The thing is, nothing in your life will ever be closer to you than your undies. If they're uncomfortable, they're just going to distract you from everything else. You need the zen feeling brought on by wearing super comfortable undies. And with fun patterns that tap into your inner moxy, you’ll be aglow with Moxy and Zen! 

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